Value Of Voice Writing Training

By Carol Adams

Court reporting and medical transcription are two careers that are making a comeback. The importance of jobs is high and having skilled workers are always needed. There are a few different tools that are used in these careers, some of which are more difficult to learn than others. Having very fast typing skills, shorthand, or using a special keyboard limit the ability to join the field. With voice writing training, you can get certified for this work without having to have super fast typing skills or learn a new way to write.

The way it works is that the person doing the recording repeats each word verbatim into a microphone mask combination. The positions are usually located in courts and depositions as well as hospitals and clinics. The person has to achieve extreme accuracy because both fields may have lives depending on the exact wording used.

There are a few tools used in this career industry. The first is the stenomask. This device is placed over the mouth of the reporter and includes one or two microphones that are very sensitive. The mask serves as a sound silencing device. In most cases, the report can easily whisper into the mask because no other background sounds will make it in the recording. After the recording is done, they can use transcription software to manually or automatically provide a written transcription of the court proceedings or medical information.

A stenographer is a person using a keyboard or paper to manually write what is being said. In rare cases, they might use shorthand, which has to be translated. These methods are typically very accurate but can miss pieces if the person doing the work is not accustomed to the fast pace of the spoken word, especially when more than two people are talking. Both of these skills can also be taught.

Getting a certification is easy. There are several courses that last six to twelve months to be certified as a voice writer. These include learning common words and phrases used in medical and legal fields where the need for these positions is highest. They will also teach you how to use the various tools needed before providing the certification.

The importance of these positions is high. Writing in shorthand has gone away and most places won't teach it. Using the keyboard requires special training for accuracy and speed. This often results in more than one reporter being hired to make sure the information is accurate and complete. However, many more people can easily learn to repeat what is being said in a courtroom.

Transcription software makes the whole job faster. By using the software to automatically transcribe the recorded version, the reporter then needs to edit the information to make sure it is clear who is speaking. The software in use today is very accurate and produces a nearly complete report where very little editing is needed to complete the report.

Old technology is allowing many people to get into these fields without having to have specialized skills. Instead, they can learn to hear and repeat the information being said, tag it with the speaker, and then create an accurate report to be used for legal or medical purposes. This speeds up the process and opens the career to many different people.

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