Looking For Custom Wedding Rings In NYC

By Anglea Garrett

When couples marry, there will usually be an exchanging of rings at the ceremony. Many people will simply visit a high street jeweler and select the bands from the selection in the store. An alternative to this is to look for custom wedding rings in NYC and there are companies who can design and manufacture jewelry to your own specification.

When you are having a one off piece of jewelry made the options are limitless and it is essential that you select a suitable design. A poplar option is to recycle a piece of family jewelry to create a new pair of wedding rings. Other ways to make a piece unique is to have it engraved with dates, names and other personal messages.

Prior to selecting a manufacturer for your jewelry you will have to work out a design and select the materials used to make the piece. Rings can be made from many metals including silver and gold as well as more modern materials such as titanium and carbon fiber. The designs can be anything from a simple gold band to highly decorated and elaborate pieces with diamonds, rubies and other stones.

When you are looking for someone to make you a piece of jewelry there are a couple of options and some homework is required. You can find established jewelers in most towns and cities that will be able to make your wedding bands. These stores are a good starting point and are useful places to get some ideas if you are designing the piece.

Another option is to use an internet based firm that specializes in making one off wedding rings. There are many well established companies that trade online that can produce a piece of jewelry designed by them or to your own designs. Most web sites will feature a picture gallery of items they have made in the past and this is a great way to get some ideas for your piece.

When you have decided to have a unique wedding ring manufactured you should get some prices from a few companies before you make a final selection. The cost of having the piece made will depend on how long it takes, the metals and stones used and the complexity of the design. If you are having a piece broken up to make a new ring then you should get the old item valued beforehand.

After you have selected a firm to manufacture your wedding bands you will need to speak with them to discuss the designs. They will look at your ideas and decide on the best way to make the piece or they may design a unique item for you. Some of the manufacturers will make a proof copy for your approval before you decide to have the real thing made.

It is important that you only use a well established professional company when you are having your jewelry made. Internet manufacturers will usually have a reviews page on their web site which will have comments from satisfied clients which are worth looking at. It is advisable to ask the makers to show you some pieces that they have made and this will give you an idea of their standards.

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