Facts On Reading Disabilities Carlsbad Residents Should Know

By Mark Parker

Reading disabilities are estimated to affect one in every ten children. The severity of the problem is variable and is almost not noticeable in some children while in others the signs are quite dramatic. Learning disabilities in general impact academic progress negatively. There are several things on reading disabilities Carlsbad residents need to know.

While observations may give clues that a certain learner is having difficulties, a professional should always be informed. The most ideal expert to be involved in the beginning is a paediatrician. Any other specialists may come in later after their recommendation or referral. The evaluation process is must the same as what happens with any other medical conditions. A detailed medical history is taken and the affected individual will be subjected to a physical examination as well as some diagnostic tests.

The disabilities can fall under various categories depending on the predominant problem. Processing speed deficit is among those that are most commonly encountered. It is a situation in which the learner is too slow in recognizing words and making sense of them. It is not necessarily a measure of their intelligence but certainly affects their learning and may make them fall behind their peers. In most cases, it is associated with deficiencies in executive functioning. This means that children with the problem may struggle with tasks such as focusing solving arithmetic problems and goal setting among others.

Hyperlexia is a disorder in which the reader is too fast even for themselves. It may be regarded as super ability but is actually a big disadvantage to the learners. This is because comprehension is often poor. Majority of children with this problem will be found to meet the criteria for autism spectrum. The training for this group should be aimed at slowing down the speed to enhance understanding.

10 to 15 percent of learning disabilities are related to comprehension. In this category, the leaner is neither a fast nor a slow reader but they have difficulties putting words in context thus cannot understand the meanings of a passage, for instance. Possible causes include problems with language comprehension, abstract verbal reasoning and disordered social reasoning.

Inability to retain information that has been read is yet another category that exist. This is mainly a result of decoding words and their meaning. Typically, the learner will use a lot of effort in recognition resulting in exhaustion such that it becomes quite difficult to remember what has been studied. They will exhibit signs such as omission of details, confusion about word meanings and inability to concentrate.

The management of these problems varies from one individual to another. Solutions are customized depending on what is predominant. For example, in the case of learners who have a problem with text printed in certain colours or against particular backgrounds may benefit from a change of the same. Use of text overlays and colour tinted glasses are other possible solutions.

To increase the chances of success, teachers and parents need to work closely. Some of the early signs that may be noticed either at home or at school include consistent spelling errors. Learners need to be subjected to adequate practice so as to improve in this area. There are numerous exercises available online most of which have games incorporated games in them to make the learning experience fun.

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