Hiring The Best DWI Attorney Fort Worth

By Brenda Stone

Driving while intoxicated is risky and ill-advised. It is an irresponsible and illegal behavior that can have serious consequences. That is why anyone who has been found guilty of driving while intoxicated can expect to face serious charges in court. If you have recently been charged with driving while drunk, you should hire the most competent DWI attorney Fort Worth has to offer. There are many reasons why you should have competent legal counsel. Read on to learn more.

You will be charged with drunk driving if you are found to be operating an auto mobile with a blood alcohol content of 0.08%, or greater. If you are an underage driver, you may be charged with drunk driving if you have any amount of alcohol in your system. The BAC limit for commercial drivers is much lower in Fort Worth, and a conviction may lead to revocation of driving privileges.

Getting convicted of a DWI can significantly increase your auto insurance premiums. After all, the DWI entry on your record is evidence that you are a risky driver. No insurer will want to take up this kind of risk. Those that are willing to underwrite your policy will charge unreasonably high premiums, but then that is the cost of drunk driving. You need to keep this in mind before you drink and drive.

One of the main penalties for a DWI conviction is a huge fine. First time offenders can get away easy with the offense. After all, the fine is little and there is no jail term. However, the convicted driver must install an ignition interlock device. In some severe cases, the driving license of the convicted first-time DWI offender may be suspended. Second and third offenders can expect to pay huge fines, lose their license permanently and spend some time in jail.

When looking for a suitable DWI attorney, it is important you take time to consider all the key factors. First and foremost, you will need to consider the experience of the attorney. You can do this by checking the types of cases handled by an attorney as well as the number of clients they have represented. This will help you find the most experienced attorney.

You have to conduct some research on the reputation of the lawyers on your list. You are looking for trusted and reliable lawyers who have proven to be competent in handling similar cases. Therefore, you should search for credible reviews written about the lawyers on your list. This will help you to make an informed decision.

Since you are concerned about the cost of legal services, it is important you request quotes and compare them. Most lawyers can easily offer free estimates. This means that you can easily compare them to identify the most affordable legal service provider.

The best DWI lawyers know the best legal defenses that can be used to fight a DWI charge. For instance, they can claim the breathalyzer was not properly stored, calibrated or used. They can also claim the stop was illegal. The lawyer can also claim the arresting officer was not trained to use the device properly.

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