With Notary Services Kenilworth IL Residents Strive To Protect Themselves

By Betty Walker

Younger people will struggle to believe that people used to seal serious transactions and enter into contracts with nothing more than a promise and a handshake. Of course, those days are forever gone. The modern world is a legal minefield and people have to protect themselves any way in which they can. Agreements are in writing and they are often only valid if they are properly witnessed and notarised. By opting for notary services Kenilworth IL residents opt for peace of mind.

Notaries originated in ancient Rome where they steadily developed from mere copiers of documents to the transcription of legal proceedings, meetings and speeches. Modern notaries are appointed by the courts or by the government. An appointment is not necessarily life long but it can be renewed. Only individuals that are regarded above reproach and that are considered people of integrity in all things are considered for such appointments.

One of the most mundane tasks performed by notaries is to certify that copies of an original document are indeed true copies. They also routinely administer oaths. This is done when witnesses are called in court or when an individual needs to make a statement and swear upon his word of honour that he speaks only the truth. Oaths are also administered when public officials are sworn in.

Another important task performed by notaries is to take down depositions and affidavits. Lawyers of have their potential witnesses deposed in order to help them prepare their cases. In some cases a deposition can even be introduced in court if the witness cannot appear in person. Taking down depositions is a time consuming affair and that is why some notaries are also qualified as stenographers.

A particularly taxing duty performed by many notaries is to act as independent witnesses when negotiations and serious discussions take place. They record the proceedings, note down the attendees and list all the decisions made. They will also record the terms and conditions agreed upon by all parties. Such records, notarised, are seen as irrefutable proof by someone above reproach of the results of discussions and negotiations.

Notaries are even asked to be witness to events and acts. World record attempts, for example, are often witnessed by notaries who will make sure that the rules are followed and that the final outcome satisfies all the conditions. Even courts use notaries to witness that orders of the courts are carried out exactly as specified. For example, that a respondent in a case has demolished an illegal fence as ordered.

All notaries are required to keep careful records of everything they do. These records are vital in proving that someone has indeed made an affidavit or sworn an oath, for example. It cases where disputes arises, the records of notaries often serve to clarify matters and to clear up misunderstandings. In fact, most people will not even consider a dispute when the matter in question has been notarised.

Notaries play an important role in helping to safeguard people from abuse, false accusations and even court action. Because they are held in such high regard their word on a matter is almost always viewed as the final word. It is indeed an honour to be appointed as a notary.

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