How To Survive In Faith Hope Suicide Situation

By Anna Kelly

It is hope that enables a person to survive daily adversities. At a point, all the faith is gone and you are at a point of suicide. Surviving the Faith Hope Suicide situation is tough even for a person who can be termed as strong willed. What are the most effective tricks to overcome the feeling of hopelessness?

Accept that there is a reason for everything you encounter in life. His will help you search for this reason and attempt to solve the problem at hand. There are situations that emerge in order to strengthen you or prepare you for the future. Once you overcome this situation, you will be more prepared for the future.

Write a narrative detailing what is happening in your life, your experiences, options and possible solutions. Other than having a mental picture of what is happening, you will identify opportunities that can change your life. These details also help you avoid assumptions that make you feel like you do not have options. By having a better idea of the situation you are dealing with, finding a solution will be easier.

Engage a friend, family or acquaintance to help find a solution. There are reassuring words and suggestions that come from friends to give you hope. A counselor is, in fact, the best placed person to assist. The insights that come from talking to a friend or professional counselor will not be available if you remain closed and alone over the issue. Decisions are better to make when you have a support structure besides you.

Take a walk or drive out of enclosed spaces. This is the search for new experiences and ideas. Closed spaces are always stressful and do not allow you to think outside the box. Even a small issue will appear huge if you are in an enclosed space. The new people, environment and engagement open your world to other ideas. It is in these ideas that a solution is found.

Affirm and appreciate the good that is in your life. The tough situation you could be going through is likely to cause a lot of negativity. You fail to see that you are blessed with food, a few dollars, a low paying job, friends and such good. Be positive and find a way of using them to your advantage.

Accept that which you cannot change and move towards adjusting. A lot of suicides and hopelessness comes from people who want to live a life that is imaginary. If you wanted an opportunity and it is gone, accept the new reality and adjust. Do not hold onto something that is impossible to hold. Let go and embrace your new reality.

Be patient and the right things will come. It takes time and effort to get that job or property you are looking for. Even relationships take time to create. Exercise a great deal of patience and you will reap the rewards.

Borrow tips from your past encounters where you still overcame numerous challenges. You wake up to the fact that you are more resilient than you imagined. The current situation will cease to appear as difficult and therefore restore your hope.

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