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By Ericka Marsh

One of the first tasks when planning a special event is to think about the invitation. When looking for 25th anniversary invitations it is possible to find many samples online. This offers inspiration and there are so many different ones available that you may find it difficult to make a choice. Remember that the type of event, theme and color scheme should all be taken into consideration when choosing an invitation.

Deciding on all the details can be daunting and it helps when support is given at every stage. From the design of the card and printing to the mailing, care has to be taken to ensure accuracy. Turnaround time is another factor to consider as cards need to be sent out well in advance of the event, giving guests time to respond.

When searching on these sites, it is possible to make a search easier by selecting various options. Searching according to specific colors, shapes, sizes of cards, format and number of photographs is possible. It is also possible to search according to style. Modern designs are available as well as more traditional, classic ones.

Some samples are simple and others have a more complex format that often includes photographs. A plain card with text in one color can be embellished with motifs and borders. These cards are most affordable and many people like their elegant simplicity. However, others prefer to have full color photographs to enhance the look. This does increase the price and when more than one photograph is included in a folded format, costs can increase quite considerably.

The prices vary considerably, depending on various factors. The use of photographs, the number of colors, the size of the card and the quantity required will all determine the final cost. Sometimes a simple card can be more effective than one with all the frills and everyone is sure to find something to suit their budget.

On certain sites, you will be directed to a design center once you have made a selection. This enables you to change fonts, alter text, change the background and even change the trim. At this stage elements can be introduced that contribute to your chosen theme if you have one. For example, perhaps your theme is The Silver Years and you can choose silver, white and grey colors.

Other details required by a supplier are the quantity of cards to be printed and what card stock to use. You may also be given a selection of envelopes and need to supply a delivery address. Reading terms and conditions on a website is important and reviews can help determine the reliability of a supplier.

When it comes to price, it is better to lay out a little more to receive excellent support and service. You will receive a well designed and printed invitation in time to send it to all your guests. You will be proud of what you are sending them and they will be excited to receive it.

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