Ordering Personalized 50Th Anniversary Napkins

By Tammie Caldwell

When a special occasion approaches, many people want to make it even more memorable by using special items that commemorate the event. These functional pieces can allow the hosts to express their creativity and serve the additional purpose of being keepsakes and favors. There are many options available when ordering specialized products like 50th anniversary napkins or other event specific items.

These paper products are used for both food and beverage purposes, and many people like to keep personalized items as keepsakes of an event. Perhaps one of the biggest inconveniences would be to not have enough of them to serve the needs of all guests throughout the duration of the party. The general rule of thumb to avoid such a situation is to order three per person expected to attend.

This might seem like a task that requires very little effort, but in actuality, multiple option selections may need to be made. Among these details are which sizes would be best, what colors should be used, should the design be embossed, what texture is best and most of all, the customized printing. It is the combination of all of these things that allow one to create a product uniquely their own.

How big the items should be is definitely one of the first choices to make, and there are actually four options in this category. At about 5" squared, the beverage size is the smallest and is generally used with cocktails or by servers offering the guests appetizers. The next step up is the luncheon which is about 6.5" squared and is typically used on dessert or self service tables.

For actual sit down meals, the dinner option, which is about an 8.5", is generally the best choice because it will be used more frequently. Those who wish to do something a little different might choose to use what is called a guest towel, which is still made of paper but is folded into a 4.5" x 8.5" rectangle for a special look. Many sites will offer bundles with various style combinations.

Adding printed details such as the names of the ones being honored, the special event and significant date is a key part of any customization job. One might also opt to include embellishments, symbols, monograms and even favorite quotes for a more personal touch. These items can usually be done using traditional inks or the more shimmery foils for bigger impact.

Special designs and layouts are another way to give the paper products a more unique and memorable look. This may be as simple as putting a large symbol in the center and the inscriptions beneath, or as elaborate as a full print that covers the entire surface. The ways in which one might use the various details to create something special are virtually endless.

Another customization option is to select whether the edges will be standard straight, rough and raw, or die cut for a special silhouette. A few other selections one might be able to make are between semi-crepe and facial quality textures, coined or smoothed borders, and how thick the paper will be. Through the process of combining all the different details, individuals can create something truly special for their event.

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