Importance Of EHS Training Courses In The Workplace

By Christine Wallace

Good performance of employees is important if the employer is looking to make good money. For this to happen the employees need to put in enough enthusiastic time in their work. Conversely, employers used to avoid signing up their employees for EHS training courses. They would claim that this was a fruitless investment with no tangible benefits to the company.

In the real sense, employers have a lot to gain in taking their employees through these courses. This can be seen in increased performance from decreased sick days off taken by injured workers. Decreased insurance premiums to cover for medical expenses would also highly decrease. It also minimizes the chances of future compensation claims and law suits from grieved parties.

Companies must conduct a full detailed risk assessment of their work places before they establish health and safety protocols. This involves assessing each and every machinery and working conditions experienced by the workers. A report can then be developed which would address measures to mitigate prevailing risks. Protocols can also be integrated into the current organization structure.

The employees should be sensitized on how to maintain their safety while in their work places. This includes provision of safety materials by the employer. A good example would be the provision of life jackets for boat operators and helmets for construction workers. Workers should also be encouraged to report potential risks and involved in making decisions regarding them.

Newbies in any office are usually taken for inductions. However, they are mostly not educated on issues of health and safety. Only office protocols and etiquette are highlighted in such activities. The facilitators need to consider the risk assessment report. A check list of critical information needs to be conveyed to the new workers. Risk response protocols should also be stressed.

There is also a need to target existing employees in a working environment. This can be achieved by frequently putting them through trainings and workshops regarding EHS. However, companies would find this expensive as consultants do not come cheap. The best option is therefore to train a few employees that would come back and become safety ambassadors to the rest of the team.

Databases should be established to record reported potential risks and past accidents that have happened. Monthly reports on this will help track the success of the protocols put in place. The reports can also be shared within the office for enhanced awareness of the staff. This will also help in the continuous review and improvement of current protocols.

While EHS training course may take up a substantial amount of company resources, its application is paramount. Furthermore, the cost of the risks avoided through this greatly outweighs its investment. People need to be safe at the work place. Employers who demonstrate care for their employee welfare therefore gain more support from their workers. This leads to enhanced performance and better profits. Every business premise should take into consideration the benefits that comes along with this important undertaking.

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