Tips For Getting Cash For Gold Gilbert

By Ernest King

If you have been thinking about selling your jewelry to make a little extra money there are some tips you should follow. You want to be certain that you get as much cash for gold Gilbert Arizona buyers will pay. The items you want to sell may have some sentimental value that makes them priceless to you but not so to a buyer.

You may want to keep the items that are sentimental and are not broken. Emotional attachments can often outweigh the realistic price you are able to sell them for. Gather your broken pieces like single earrings that you lost the math to years ago. Choose pieces that you do not wear anymore and have no sentimental value.

Be certain you have items appraised prior to selling to someone who make their purchases by weight. Some antique or designer items might be worth a lot more if they are sold as finished pieces instead of for the metal. It is also a good idea to know what karat your pieces are. Gold is made up of gold and alloys to make up 10, 14, and 18 karat items. When selling, you will be paid for the amount of pure gold in the piece.

Be sure that the buyer you choose is trustworthy and reputable. Check their license to make sure it is the correct one for buying precious metals in the state where they operate. Find out if the company is a member of any jewelry trade association. As a member of an association, the buyer is required to hold to a certain ethical standard. Also, look for complaints from other sellers.

Most folks are looking for the highest price for their jewelry as possible. Offers will be quite different depending on demographics. Make sure to document your pieces and take photos of them before presenting them to a potential buyer. If you are mailing them to a company make sure they have a procedure for reimbursement in the event they are lost. Always have high value pieces appraised prior to selling.

Take time to check out different internet sites that provide prices. Check the prices periodically so you have a good idea of the current value. These sites offer the seller a point of reference to help with comparing offers. Understand that selling your jewelry is not going to make you wealthy, but will give you extra money in your wallet. Keep in mind that you will pay fees for refining.

Visit your local jewelers to start gathering information about the value of your items. Sellers need to make certain that they have done some homework before making a deal with a buyer. It is important that you are sure that you are getting the best deal available.

Take some time to learn exactly how this precious metal is weighed and learn everything about karats. Make sure to separate your jewelry according to karats. Never let items of varying karats be mixed and weighed together. Also, learning everything you can about your jewelry karats will help you make decisions about selling.

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