The Factors That Led To The Ashford Settlement Iowa

By Rebecca Butler

Online classes were created in order for people who are far away or very busy, to get access to university education. Some people, however, choose to take advantage of these classes to make money. You might find that you have enrolled for a course which does not exist in the programme of a specific school. The use of dubious methods to attract learners, as well as omitting important information, are among the factors, which caused the Ashford settlement Iowa.

This particular institution and its parent company were brought under investigation by the Iowa attorney general, in May two thousand and fourteen. This was after his office received complaints about the school, from its former students. Most complained that the exorbitant fees being charged, were leaving them with mounting student debt. They also said the school guaranteed that after taking the online course, they would be class room teachers.

The university had quite a number of charges brought up against it by its former students. This was generally summarized as violating the consumer fraud act. This were broken down into a number of smaller charges including misrepresenting information to the students, that on attaining a degree from their institution, they would become certified teachers. This way flawed information because they would still need to meet other requirements, to become qualified.

They were also accused of withholding important information from the students, and using unacceptable methods in order to convince people to enroll for the online classes. There was also a problem with the institutions behavior of asking for a technological fee, after enrolling for six weeks. This fee was later retained even if you had finished your coarse work on the seventh week.

The parent company and the school denied all charges brought against them, but agreed to a settlement to resolve the matter with the attorney general. This was done on May of the same year. This included a payment of seven million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to the attorney general. Part of this money was to be used to reimburse people who enrolled before, or around the period of the case.

The settlement was detailed in an agreement. The institution was from that point required to fully disclose information regarding its charges, and its courses. On top of these they were given an independent person, to assess and evaluate them for three years. This administrator would give candid and unbiased reports, regarding how they conducted their activities. This reports were scheduled to be submitted to the attorney general, once a year, for the three years.

The students who were affected by this matter were to be compensated, and the information regarding which students and the specific amounts, can be found at the office of the attorney general. There is also an official page which contains all the information about the settlement, as well as the contacts of who to talk to, in order to confirm if you are eligible.

Sometimes, you might end up in this kind of situation and before you know it, you have lost a lot of money. To save yourself this frustrating ordeal, make sure you are very sure about the credibility of the school you are applying to. You can ask people who have taken this course before, in order to confirm that it actually exists, and that it will give you the expected results.

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