A Discussion On Spousal Sponsorship

By Harold Sanders

First, what exactly is this? Well, spousal sponsorship is when a Canadian person or maybe a permanent resident can sponsor a spouse or something. Or maybe a common law partner of some kind just so they can stay in Canada Permanently. This is definitely a thing that does not sound a little suspicious at all. Nope. This is Spousal Sponsorship Brampton.

We can behind the whole marrying someone for the purpose of getting into a country and hopefully live there forever. But what we cannot really stand is when once they have done so, they immediately break up with the person they just used and then forget about them as if they have never used them for their benefit in the first place.

Whether that would be your family, your ex girlfriend, your ex boyfriend or hell, maybe a horde of man eating zombies, they all apply. Because we never really know if a country has been quarantined properly unless you leave that place, right? At least it was not bombed into near nonexistence like Raccoon City was, right?

Hell, you could even change it if you like, like, legally change it. It might take a lot of days and time to process but maybe it could be worth it? to change the name that you have been abhorring your entire life? Who knows, maybe you actually like it and we are just talking crap at this point.

And knowing that the zombies in Resident Evil do not actually just stumble all the time and would likely get stronger and faster the more experimentations to happen, we SHOULD need that power anytime soon. We are thinking of making up a new virus for ourselves, really. Just so we can survive and be a badass all the time.

And then she just literally admitted to marrying someone from a different country online and then once she got all her papers about how she was now a valid citizen in that country, she dumped the poor dude. She is literally the female equivalent of an asshole. What is wrong with her? And why did she even talk about it on a Livestream where all of her viewers could hear her?

Did she want to get arrested or something? She was already in hot water for antagonizing Felix, did she have some kind of death wish to go with all of that bullcrap? Well, whatever her reasoning is, she seemed to have stopped all her hideous actions because we have not heard anything from her in a while.

Because we have been watching him play so much horror games, we have grown immune to the scares and have come to genuinely like the genre. Maybe a bit too much? It will never be too much in our humble opinion. Look, there is no easier way to say this.

We have had enough with the family reunions already where your older and snotty relatives make snide comments about you behind your back when you have just greeted them. Hags. So with that said, there is a lot of reason for one to want to move somewhere else. It just so happens that most of the reason is because of the weather.

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