Steps To Publish DBA Los Angeles County

By Gary Reynolds

If you have a business and its name is not registered under the law even if someone else uses it you will have to look for another title. But the good thing is that registration of such names can be achieved. Following the right procedure under the law will have your business name legally recognized. Here is a guide on how to publish DBA Los Angeles County.

Look for a legally adjudicated publishing firm to print your name so that it acts as proof you own it. There are very many legally acceptable printing firms you can contact and ask them to publish your work in their dailies. Choose the one with a good reputation and affordable services. Also, unless a print is listed by the law avoid publishing with them because the name will not stand invalid.

When you approach these companies, they will want to know why you decided to use their services. Tell the person asking the question that you want a name for your business and you already filed a Fictitious Business Name. After such a detailed explanation they must understand. But if the agency is offering services under the set rules, they should not ask many questions because they know how they do it.

Give a copy of Fictitious Business Number for scrutiny and to determine whether you have a genuine case. They would not want to go beyond their mandate of registering people who have no proof they are undergoing such procedure. If the copy is determined to be genuine and valid, you will pay for the advertisement and publications will commence immediately.

After filing your request, the advertising process should take place within the next month. If the advert does not appear within the specified time, then the whole process will be canceled, and you will have to start again. This calls for you to find advertising agencies who know what they are needed to do. There are no extension and the moment everything stalls you have to start afresh again.

Because you have paid for the advert make sure that it is always there one day in a week for the four weeks. If the advertisement dates do not adhere to the process will have to start afresh. Always contact the firm to remind them. But if they know how serious the process is, they will not wait for you to mention them. It will be their duty.

After the last publication, the firm should provide proof that they have been publishing your work as per the law. The copy sent as proof has to contain the sign of the publisher. If there are hesitations in signing or of the published copies, then you must look for other places.

The copy from the publisher must be taken to the clerk within one month after it has been collected. The copy to be sent to the clerk should appear like an affidavit with the name and signature of the advertiser. Times you will have to go for the copy and take it to the clerk yourself. Other times you might be lucky because the firms can do the filing on your behalf.

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