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By Eric Myers

Every society has laws that are meant to govern the behavior and activities of people. The laws are usually enforced through a court system. Anybody who is found in violation of the law is usually arrested and charged in court. Violation of the law can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a criminal offense. These two terms have different meanings in different jurisdictions. This is worth knowing about Fort Worth criminal defense lawyers.

Under the federal law, a misdemeanor is a less criminal offence that is punishable by less than one year of imprisonment. On the other hand, a criminal offence is a more serious offence that is punishable by more than a year in prison. When one is charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony, the best decision to make is to get in contact with a lawyer.

One should demand to contact their lawyer the second the police arrest them. It is not obligatory for anyone to converse with the police under the law without the presence of their lawyer. Thus, one does not break any laws by refusing to speak with law enforcement officers in the absence of their lawyer. Criminal lawyers usually advise their clients to keep silent whenever they are arrested and avoid giving the police any kind of information.

The reason why one should not speak to the police when they are arrested without their lawyer being present is to avoid self-incrimination. Since civilians do not have knowledge of the law like lawyers do, one is likely to reveal self-incriminating information to the police without knowing it. The same information can then be used against the individual later on during court proceedings.

This is why the police should advise individuals they arrest against saying anything. More regularly, the police inform suspects that they arrest that they have a right to keep quiet and that whatever word they utter may and will be used in incriminating them in court. As such, one should talk only when advised by their lawyer.

A criminal attorney should have the best interest of the client at heart. The lawyer should not continue representing the client if they find out that there is conflict of interest. If there is conflict, they should resign promptly. The attorney should cease their involvement in the case and desist from exposing any information that the clients might have given them regarding the trial.

Under normal circumstances, any communication between a client and their lawyer is protected by the law under attorney-client privilege. That means that any information that the client provides to their attorney during court proceedings cannot be used against the client in court. Such evidence is thus inadmissible in court. In fact, revealing such information is against the law on the part of the attorney. The attorney can be sued by the client for the same.

Once a defense attorney is hired by a client, they take over all legal representation responsibility for the client. That means that they handle all communications, negotiations, planning, decision making, and evaluation on behalf of the client. However, all these must be done with the knowledge and consent of the client.

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