Getting A Job As A Court Reporter Louisiana

By Katrina Wheeler

If one has a knack for paperwork, loves career lines such as journalism, and has an interest in the court system, then he should consider becoming a court reporter Louisiana. If one loves courtroom dramas, then it will be a dream come true for him to take this job because he will get to witness an actual battle between lawyers. So if one would want to have this kind of job, then here are some tips on how to get started.

Now if one would want to enter this field, then he should remember that this is not an easy job and should only be done if one has a passion for reporting. It is not just about witnessing the story that is held in the courts but it is also about filing and writing reports of the story. This means that one has to do a lot of paperwork, a lot of filing, and a lot of things that have to do with organizing.

If one has done his homework and has already made up his mind that he still wants to pursue this career path, then he should dig in deeper into what subcategory he would want to zoom in on. There are actually so many branches of court reporting and many different methods as to how one may do the job. These branches would include stenography, electronic recordings, and voice recordings.

Now the least that one should have would be a college degree in some sort of course related to journalism. Now a complete course would take approximately four years in order to finish depending on what institution one would go to. This type of degree would be able to give one the necessary credentials that one would need in the field.

After taking up a college degree on the course journalism, one should now concentrate on a specific field of court reporting by taking it up in a vocational school in order to earn a diploma. This vocational course will allow him to gain the necessary knowledge that he would need in order to survive the job. Of course it will take around one year or even months to finish this course.

Once one has already finished his formal education, then he may already start with his job. Before one will be able to land the job, one has to first get all of the legal requirements that reporters would need in order to practice. Of course the requirements are different with regard to the country or state.

Now just like a regular job, one will actually be starting from the lowest position like an assistant reporter to a veteran. The veteran will be able to teach him all of the basic skills that he would be needing in order to survive in the industry. As one progresses, then he will also go higher in position.

So if one would want to become a court reporter Louisiana, then these are some of the things that he would have to take note of. If he has the passion of the reporter, then he should definitely take the job. He will definitely have a lot of fun along the way.

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