Texas Criminal Records

By Ben Kingsley

Arrest records are only one of the many criminal records Texas issues and manage. This type of document is a public document that the people of Texas can request anytime they need it.

Arrest records in Texas are used and needed in a number of ways. Those who own business would use such document as reference in checking about the background of their people. They do this to make sure that the people who work for them have clean records and can be trusted. Business owners can easily plan on growing their business if they do not encounter problems that are related to the behavior of their people.

Not only that Texas arrest records are being requested by business owners but, ordinary citizens of the state would also request access for it. Ordinary residents would check on the arrest records of an individual to make sure that the place they are living is a safe environment for their loved ones. Thus many would check on the criminal history of their neighbors, friends, care takers, tutors, nannies and even their relatives. This helps them feel safe and secured around the people they deal with daily. Private investigators benefit more of the said document because they use it when they are conducting a criminal case investigation. In some cases, it is one of the evidence used in court proceedings and a help resolve or close the case.

A lot of information can be obtained from an arrest record. One would know the complete name of the arrested individual as well as the aliases that were used by the person. Other personal information that can be seen from it includes the address and the date and place of birth of the arrested. One would see a detailed description of how the person looks like. It includes information about body markings that can be found on the individual such as scars, birth marks and tattoo. The document highlights the crimes and offenses done by the person that leads to his/her arrest. Charges and convictions that were filed against the person can also be found on the record. The document however is not open to the public until the case has been closed. Also, the records of reported minors or juveniles are kept confidential in accordance to the national laws.

Individuals are only given access to their personal files which means that records other people can be obtained if there are special permits and authorization. The Department of Public Safety in the state of Texas is where the arrest records are being managed and it cost $15 to get a copy of it. The application form has to be filled out completely with the needed information. The one who requested for the record has to provide their personal details in order to have the request granted and it is also used to easily track the access to the document.

Arrest records public access is not limited only to the state office since the file is now available through the Internet. When the document is requested online, there is no need to go to any office thus saving one their time and effort. Also, it is very convenient and faster since the needed information is displayed in just seconds.

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