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By Eric Watson

Valet parking is a favorable way of securing parking for a car at a facility that avails this service. This service is common to companies with the aim of marketing their name or impressing their clients. This is also a clever way to get positive feedback from clients and raise the awareness of brand. Mostly, the general public prefers parking in facilities with valets contrary to those without. This is worth knowing about West Bloomfield Valet.

In big cities, most facilities such as shopping malls offer the option of valet service. That means that clients who visit the facility have the option of either using the services of valets or parking their own car. In most cases, people in a hurry tend to use the service. Celebrities are also known for using this service a lot.

To qualify for this job, there are a few requirements that one must have. First of all, having prior experience is one of the most sought after requirement. If one has worked as a valet before, they stand a better chance of being selected for a position if they send an application. People who have experience in customer relationship positions such as working at the customer service desk are also in a better position to get a job.

Apart from prior experience, one is required to portray physical fitness. Some places are known to have applicants running around buildings to show their ability for the job. This particular job is energy intensive, making physical fitness to be of key importance. For example, a lot of hours are spent by the workers running, standing and walking around. When a shift starts, there is no rest time till its completion.

This job requires workers to work in different weather conditions. Most valet work is done outdoors, which means that the workers work in all weather conditions, including sunny, rainy, and cold weather. For instance, the worker has to get out and fetch a client their car if they need to leave regardless of the weather conditions. The situation is made even worse because the worker has to behave in a manner that suggests that they are happy to do the job.

It is almost impossible to find female valets. In most places, an entire staff of valets may be composed of male workers alone. The reason for this is because not very many women apply to work as valets. As a result, the society views this line of work as one that is reserved for males. The physical work involved may also bee too much for women.

It is good behavior to tip valets for the services they offer. Majority of clients drop a tip for the valets after completion of their visit to a facility. The average tip is three dollars. The type of facility rendering the service determines the amount given as a tip. From research, female valets receive larger tips than male workers.

It is very uncommon to see clients who leave without tipping valets. Such behavior is considered rude. To be safe, one should always carry extra cash for tipping. Valets appreciate the tip, especially when they are working in bad weather.

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