The Top Web Design Company's 4 SEO Metrics To Cover

By Arthur Williams

Digital media plays a major role in business. For proof of this, all you have to do is look at the importance of search engine optimization. Every top web design company knows that SEO strategies are needed, but keeping track of metrics matters just as much. For those that would like to ensure the effectiveness of their strategy, here are 4 vital metrics that you should keep track of. This will provide you with information that will keep you ranking in the future.

Bounce Rate - Simply put, according to companies like Lounge Lizard, the bounce rate is the percentage of people that visit a site, only to immediately leave. This is important to note since it may show a flaw in how a website is structured. If it's difficult to navigate or slow to perform, users may be more inclined to click away. Fortunately, web design companies can improve sites so that bounce rates decrease, thereby improving SEO results.

Load Time - Another SEO metric to keep tabs on is load time. What happens if your site takes longer than a few seconds to fully load? It should come as no surprise that this will hinder the number of people that come to your site on a routine basis. Furthermore, if your site is slow to perform, it won't rank a well. Anyone that specializes in search engine optimization can agree, so keep track of this particular metric as well.

Traffic - It's also worth noting that traffic is imperative to SEO. The more people that visit your site on a regular basis, the higher it will rank over the course of time. There are many ways that traffic can be improved, but most of this comes down to effective web design. When people visit your site in droves, you may see your leads and sales improve. It also doesn't hurt that this can have a positive SEO impact in the long term.

Keyword Rankings - Depending on who you ask, this may be the most important SEO metric of all. There's no denying the fact that companies want to show up on Google, specifically for keywords that relate to them and will generate the most searches. If your SEO strategy is sound, ultimately rankings will improve. Not only will you see more clicks, but you may take a sense of pride in seeing your business being prominent online.

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