Sources Of Expert Witness Wrongful Termination Los Angeles

By Michelle King

Modern technology has led to many people being terminated from their work in a wrongful manner. For example, introduction of modern machinery in an organization will need less manpower labor to operate. This invention forces management to reduce the number of employees in the company. Most of the entities use wrong techniques to terminate some of their employees. These wrongful sources of termination are discussed below under expert witness wrongful termination los angeles.

Race Discrimination arises due to the civil war which still exists among countries. There is freedom of movement and freedom of being employed in any part of the world. Most employees are fired due to their failure to act in accordance with a certain race. When it comes to cutting of companys expense a person from the different race can be dismissed first.

Religious beliefs form part of life and impact on humans in different ways. Many people for instance, get employed because their religious beliefs correspond to that of the employer. Consequently, others get terminated from job because they believe in different religion to that of the employer or because they have different religious views.

There are companies that dismiss an employee completely from their occupation due to long leave of maternity or paternity. They believe that such employees cannot contribute to the growth of the company and its performance. This type of act can discourage people from reproducing and have family moment. Employee who has been terminated has the right to file a case against the company.

There are some organizations that fired their employees who went for a maternity leave. These management believe that when a person is away from their duties, they are not contributing to the companys growth hence they are terminated and their position actually given to new employees. These can be also done to both men and women and this discrimination always discourages people from reproducing.

Being physically disabled either due to accident occurring in the course of job or other causes can lead to one being dismissed from job. This is more so common to the employers who value output more that those doing the actual job. This is very paining and causes a lot of distress to the employee who is dismissed unlawfully.

Salaries can basically be also a source of someone being dismissed from their occupation. Management can easily terminate an employer who regularly claims for salary increment. Though it is the right of employees to ask for their increase in salary but most management can actually be against the idea. Any employer who lead in protest against salary increment can be fired and wrongfully accused of leading the employees strike.

It is the wish of every employee to be treated equally and with dignity regardless of their race or any other factor. This motivates the employees and they become more productive. On the other hand, unlawful dismissals of one employee demoralize the other employees and inject fear in them. However, it is the duty of the dismissed employee to seek legal assistance from the available relevant bodies.

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