Relationship Counseling Reno NV; Proven Techniques For Dealing With The Empty Nest Syndrome

By Barbara Evans

Couples counselors are always in high demand. Marriages are today highly respected institutions and most couples will do all that they can to save their unions. To the amusement of many, a good fraction of the clients that experts see on a daily basis are older couples who deeply love each other. For these old folks, one of the major concerns that they may have is the empty nest syndrome. When in need of relationship counseling Reno NV could offer you a decent number of highly regarded therapists.

It is both exciting and crashing for parents to watch all their kids step out for the first time into adulthood. Even though you want the best for your kids, chances are that you will struggle emotionally to come into terms with the changes. This is referred to as the empty nest syndrome. As natural as it may seem, it could lead to an immense feeling of loneliness and if ignored, it could result in depression.

You will need professional relationship counseling, even if it is one of the partners who is affected. In the end, couples only have each other in old age and the stronger spouse needs to master how to offer the required support. The empty nest syndrome is known to bring about relationship strains if it goes undiagnosed and untreated. There are a few therapist-approved tips that could help manage the condition.

One of the basic things that couples should do is to focus on the positive side of the situation. If your children are now able to thrive independently, chances are that you did a good parenting job. You also want to consider the fact that they are out there in search of opportunities that could better their futures.

In addition, you should get busy. You can pick up an old hobby, reconnect with friends or even enroll in a book club. There is so much that you could do with the extra free time to keep yourself mentally and physically engaged. Couples that are still filled with energy could even sign up for dance lessons.

Another good way to manage the feeling of emptiness is by practicing mindfulness. Live in the present and avoid allowing your mind to drift off and focus on when your kids will visit you. Meditate and take deep breaths whenever you feel overly anxious about the safety and well-being of your kids.

In case you find yourself unable to cope with anxiety, simply give your kids a call. You could also connect with them on Skype or FaceTime and talk while seeing each other. Simply avoid overdoing communication because this would really not help.

Finally, you should seek external help. The importance of seeing a qualified counselor cannot be emphasized enough. You want to let out your feelings within a safe environment. An ideal expert will hold your hand and that of your partner and help you get over the empty feeling.

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