Causative Factors For CDL Suspension

By Shirley Hamilton

Commercial drivers have since time immemorial, been highly held to rather high standards especially when they are compared with regular drivers, and this is highly attributed to the nature of their talks and work dispensed. According to the law, one can be legally disqualified from operating or rather driving commercial vehicles and machinery for any particular offenses committed, even when not driving the commercial vehicles. As such, there are various critical factors that warrant CDL suspension.

Commercial operators, in accordance with the law, need to be held to extremely high standards, as opposed to their counterparts that operate regular vehicles. The law allows for the legal disqualification of commercial vehicles especially for any vehicles for the offenses committed, as well as also when not operating the vehicles.

Another reason that will lead a commercial driver to have their license suspended is over speeding. Going beyond the required speed limit in your state will lead to CDL cancellation. The first reason for is that it is breaking the law and putting your life in danger as well as the lives of other people on the roads.

On the flipside, however, it is possible for operators to dispute the decision, and request hearings for the determination of the accuracy of the dispute, especially of the RMV record only. Additionally, when you feel that errors have been made, then you should present documentations to essentially demonstrate their innocence in the reported violation. CDL holdups are usually administered when certain critical offenses or mistakes are committed on the roads. The disqualifications usually run for not less than a year, and for some offenses, the disqualification can even run for two years or even more.

Another critical offense that culminates to cancellation is the leaving of an accident scene while driving any particular vehicle, whether it is commercial or not. Additionally, using any particular vehicle to commit an act of felony or crime is also another offense that can warrant the disqualification of these driving documentations.

Depending on the state you come from, a serious offence like leaving the accident scene or a vehicular homicide, may lead to immediate commercial drivers license suspension. This acts as a way to punish and keep careless drivers off the roads until they attain the right to drive again, which will be granted to them by the state. Operating a commercial vehicle that has no insurance is another reason to have a license suspended. It is compulsory in every state that every vehicle should have auto insurance. One may be suspended if found to be operating a vehicle that has no insurance until the time that vehicle will be insured.

Additionally, it is important to remember that operators can possibly lose their CDLs even for life, when they use their vehicles to commit felonies that involve the processing, manufacturing, distribution, as well as the dispensation of any controlled substances that are illegal.

In summary, if you are driving or have hired a truck driver, it is of great importance to have your truck insured and ensure to hire a driver who is experienced so as to avoid traffic violations and unwanted accidents. Having a drivers license suspended could jeopardize your job and cause great frustrations.

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