What Role Court Genetic Exams Play In Family Law In Tacoma WA

By Steven Robinson

Legal proceedings require a lot of money and time. Some cases may take years to be closed. During all this time different resources are used to investigate and thoroughly go through the evidence. In court genetic exams the costs incurred are paid by different people. They are also determined by many factors and their extent. Without this family law in Tacoma WA would not be as reliable as it is today. Thereby creating a win situation for all those involved.

They may be needed for personal reasons. They have two main possible tests available. The most common is relating to the paternity of a child to mother or father. To also determine the relationship between parties involved in a certain case. Confirming long lost relatives would require some tests to be done. The DNA is the only almost one hundred percent accurate evidence that can be used in a court.

Some genes are inherited. For example, in human beings; they can be visible by the skin, eye color and skin. They can also be underlying and not visible to the naked eye. Like the cell structure, blood group and other anatomy and physiological factors. The genes are also specific to different genders. Male and female have own characteristics. Although they are very much similar, the sex gene is specific to each gender. An unborn child s DNA may be tested by extracting carefully the amniotic fluid on the pregnant person. In this fluid, there are cells that can determine the father of the child and possible illness.

The collected evidence samples also determine the costs. Some samples, especially in criminal cases, may be somewhat interfered with. It may have been intentional done by a criminal suspect. The time is taken to collect and environmental exposure may be the cause of degradation. This will require a long process, which may include the elimination of contaminations and finally getting the accurate results. Because of the time is taken, precise advanced technological equipment is used and the highly qualified staff will also make it more expensive.

Testing may be requested or ordered by the court to back up evidence in criminal cases and whatever reasons rising these are done. Under-regulated testing facilities procedures are done carefully and according to laws and policies controlling such examinations. Court tests can be required to be done on a deceased person. Even when a person is dead samples can be taken for testing. In some cases, the remains can be exhumed to collect samples.

Diseases are caused by various factors. From bio-chemicals to strange viruses, bacteria or other organisms and elements. The court has the right to order tests to be done. This may be to determine the source, cause and also help find a solution. A health department may be ordered by the court to do such tests in cases of a disease outbreak.

Some genes are passed on from parent to child and also in animals and plants. Diseases or DNA alterations or disabilities may be genetically transferred. This can help in treatments of illnesses, to rule out the cause. Some strange phenomenon a court may ask to do the exams. For example, a case of hospital negligence. Parents arguing on the cause of disease or death of a child may be wrong as the disease is genetical. The tests would be done to prove the case.

Plants also are unique to specific species. Plant DNA can be tested but rarely in court related tests. Maybe in some endeavor to find a cure or poisoning from plant material in a criminal or accident case.

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