Diamonds For Everyone And Handcrafted Native American Jewelry For Anyone

By Brenda Cook

Daniel Swarovski s diamonds for everyone was his favourite saying when almost 100 years ago he invented his unique crystal cutting machine in Austria. His inspiration for his light-reflecting crystals was the glamourous jazz era of the 1920 s. These same crystals are now being used to embellish big names in the shoe design industry with Swarovski crystal shoes. These can also be worn with handcrafted Native American jewelry.

Nieman Marcus supply the largest range of these shoes by the top Italian designers whose ranges go from flat sandals to stiletto heels. Men s sneakers are also part of this range. Italy is the country known for it s brilliant shoe designers whose shoes are works of art. They have the best cobblers in the world.

The most stunning shoes of the lot are made by Christian Loubiton. A clear vinyl stiletto pump, red-soled, with the top studded with silver crystals is just pure magic. And is every girl and women s dream of owning such a pair of awe-inspiring shoes, which look capable of creating their own kind of magical fantasy. The flat version is also available, but the stiletto version is unreal.

When Austrian Daniel Swarovski first made his crystals he had no idea the heights they would reach. Now in the bling era, we want crystals on everything we own. Their light-reflecting qualities are what make them so special, and they are used for many products around the world. Fashion designers, always at the forefront of new trends have added their collections of Swarovski crystal shoes in glorious colours using the crystals to reflect the beauty of their designs on their men s, women s and children s ranges that are truly beautiful.

The shoes every girl wants, once seen. Seeing this collection makes one see what shoe collectors go through with always adding to their already full shoe closets. A girl can never have enough shoes or enough diamonds. All the stiletto heel wearers should say thank you to the French-man that invented the first pair in the 1950 s. His name was Roger Vivier who has designed a classic Swarovski crystal shoe range, besides his bags, all with added Swarovski crystal buckles.

Giuseppe Zanotti adds to the glamour of Swarovski crystal shoes with his ankle-strap stiletto heels in metallic silver with crystal embellished stars on the 3 straps, plus his flat sandaled range in black or silver. He adds his men s range with well-made rubber soled mid-top sneakers in either red or green suede, round toe, signature dual side zips, lace up front, and studded all over with clear Swarovski crystals.

Roger Vivier, the French designer, invented the first pair of stiletto heels in the 1950 s. Roger adds to his range his Belle Nuit black stiletto pump with a see-through Swarovski crystal embellished buckle, and a black, short-square-heeled flat pump with buckle in the same style. He has a range of bags too to complement his French style. Rene Caovilla adds curvy sided flat black and white pumps with black crystals in an intriguing pattern.

Most women love shoes, and these are the most coveted of all names in the shoe design arena. There is something for every type of princess, whether you are castle-bound or nature and the wilds-bound. Every self-respecting princess should own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and/or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes just in case your prince is waiting to find your glass slipper you intend to drop when you leave the ball.

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