Try 5x Big T Shirts For Extra Comfort

By Janet Cook

Body shapes and sizes can vary from one individual to another and this can be seen anytime a person tunes into any medium. At one time, models and actresses were required to be lean and fit but these days, the diversity in sizing reflects most of the general public. These days, clothing like 5x big t shirts can be found at many retailers and does not require a mail order.

Everyone can appreciate a tee that is at least one size larger than the size they usually wear. These are ideal for working out, as unsightly bulges can be concealed and make for a better workout session. People also like to wear this as a bathing suit cover in the warmer months. Even if a person is not considered plus size, they may find themselves shopping for larger tees because they make an affordable fashion staple.

One reason why t shirts will never go away is they can be decorated with appliques or colorful screen graphic art. People can express themselves with a funny slogan or witty prose just to get a conversation started. Not to mention, a quality tee shirt can last for years.

This flexibility in dressing the larger body is a stark contrast to a century ago when larger bodies had to rely on a tailor to make most of their clothes. Back then, the largest size tee the average person could find was a 3X. While stores that carried apparel for men had a slightly greater selection, women who wore anything larger than a size 16 had fewer options and sometimes had to shop at a clothing store for men if they wanted something casual.

As the years progressed, some milestones were made as chain apparel stores became more common in major cities. While they made things a little easier for the larger customer, it was still a learning curve when it came to making clothes for various body types. In the meantime, those with different proportions just keep a good tailor or alteration specialist on speed dial.

Tees, whether decorated or plain, are great sellers. Although a lot of tee shirt sellers may have a wide inventory of screen print graphic art or cute slogans, sometimes a variety is what can separate one operation from its competition. For instance, selling plus size yoga pants or bottoms that encourage getting fit.

When targeting women, listing the numerous benefits will drive sales. If one has a mail order operation, it may be helpful to emphasize features like wide cut sleeves, wrinkle resistant fabric, or materials that absorb perspiration. Add any one of these, along with a wide selection of solid colors or prints, and any seller will probably find this to be a nice investment.

The exception is apparel shops for men that have big and tall sizes. These are ideal for athletes as well as those who have a little girth. One thing that has changed in the past couple of decades is that a lot of casual clothing styles are unisex. So if a person even wears an 8X, there is not as much of a stigma.

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