Benefits Obtained By Society Through Private Investments

By Marie Scott

There are many advantages of having more investment in private sector. The very important is it creates more job opportunities. Jobs are given to all classes of people. Highly qualified, semi qualified and low qualified people benefits from this. Even good skill training is given to people which will benefit in the future. Employees are made understood of their rights by employment lawyer.

People working in reputed firms are respected by others a lot. The social respect these masses receive will be more than any other class of people. During marriage proposals, the parents of girls usually look for boys who have a job, that too in a big reputed firm. There would not be any discussion on salary as everyone believes that payment will be more on these firms.

Then these cases would go to court for trial. The guard shall have to find evidences against these culprits and present it in court. If the culprits disagree with allegations against them, would need to provide with counter evidence supporting their views. Finally judge takes decision based on the evidence provided by both parties.

As most private companies do not encourage aged people to be in their rolls, voluntary retirement schemes will be brought for those guys. There may be an option available for the aged people to quit on their own. Some people may take the option to quit. But many try to continue working there.

The local government gets much money as tax from business enterprises. This tax money is used for developments in roads and infrastructure. Also salaries and pensions of government employees are paid using this money. There might be some companies that does not pay its taxes properly. Also some firms manipulate their accounts to show less profits and as a result need to pay only less tax.

This can lead to vengeance. The business man would adopt to wrong ways to handle this resident. Sometimes would arrange for goons to handle this guy. Most probably the guy would be beaten up and wounded seriously. This would create a terror in the area and other people would also be afraid to complain against this bad guy.

The bad guys knows that police may not take any action due to the understanding with them. The police might also be paid a lot. The injured resident may again approach court for justice. It has to be known that, in every place criminals have understanding with local police. When police are under pressure to nab the person involved in a crime, these criminals help police by accepting the crime.

Good salaries given to employees will benefit them and also societies. More purchasing power will be created and this will lead to more sales in the locality. When sales increase, profits also increase for retailers. Production has to be increased to match with sales. When production increases it benefits retailers and producers. So this is a cycle which influences all sections of people.

There should be much humility with people, who are in high levels. Humility brings in respect. People who are show off and indecent towards subordinates would attract more wrath from others. During critical times, these people would not be supported by anyone. Even many companies have introduced humility as one of its business motives.

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