What You Need To Do After Being Injured At Work Metairie LA

By Patricia Wagner

If you have sustained injuries at your workplace, it is important to know that you may be entitled to get compensation. Louisiana state law requires most employers to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees. After they have been injured at work Metairie LA dwellers should take a few essential steps so that they can file their legal claim successfully and receive fair compensation for the injuries.

One essential step is to inform the firm that employs you about the injuries immediately. Some injuries can cause you to miss work. When you inform your employer that you have been hurt, you will be abiding by the workers compensation laws. In Louisiana, employees are supposed to report accidents shortly after they have occurred so that they can get compensation. By reporting the accident promptly, you will increase the chances of getting your benefits soon.

It is also vital to write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of the people who were present at the accident scene. This way, you will have someone who can make a statement if an insurer or employer disputes the facts of your claim. The witnesses can confirm that you got hurt in the workplace, rather than at a different location.

After sustaining injuries at work, you should also seek medical treatment as soon as you can. If the injuries are serious, you may need to visit an emergency room or urgent care clinic. If the injuries are minor, find out if the firm you work for requires injured employees to visit a particular doctor of if they can choose the doctor they want. If the employer asks you to see a certain doctor, but you do not like the way he or she treated you, you can choose to see another physician.

When speaking to your employer about your injuries, describe all the necessary details. It is possible that you got injured but you are not suffering from a particular trauma. In such a case, stress, or repetitive overuse may have caused your medical symptoms and you need to report the details of this. Insurance firms and the workers compensation system will consider what you say when you are describing your injuries. Therefore, ensure that you describe the details consistently and accurately in your first report.

The insurer may request you to fill a form authorizing it to get access to your medical records. This is a reasonable request if it only references the medical records that relate to the injuries you sustained at work. Nevertheless, speaking to a workers compensation attorney before you sign the authorization form is wise.

It is also likely that the insurance company will ask you to provide it with a tape recorded statement, describing your accident. In general, you should not give a recorded statement to the insurer without speaking to an attorney first. A lawyer can also assist you to file the workers compensation claim.

It is also vital to visit your doctor or other healthcare worker regularly. Keeping the records of the treatments received is also essential. This way, the insurance company will not assume that you have received treatment or that your injuries are minor. If you follow these tips, your workers compensation claim will be valid and successful.

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