Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Tips When Making A Claim

By Christopher Viers

Accidents are traumatizing and have the potential of changing your life forever. According to experienced Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis who has dealt with numerous cases, the process of seeking compensation can be frustrating. What you assumed to be obvious and plain in the eyes of the world will give you a hell of trouble. Here are tips to ensure that you get the commensurate compensation.

Stay at the scene until the problem is resolved. In most jurisdictions, nothing should be tampered with until a consensus on culpability has been established and registered. In case you leave, you will be accused on hit-and-run. The penalties for such an accusation could be mind-boggling. Further, you might be accuses of offenses that you did not commit in your absence. This will shift the burden on compensation.

Negotiations involving failure to inform or involve authorities should be declined. Law enforcement officers must be informed as soon as the incident happens. They are charged with official documentation, information that will be crucial in settling claims. Parties agree not to involve law enforcement especially in minor accidents. Without official report from the police, insurance companies fail to pay.

Take care of injuries that have happened during the accident. People pay too much attention to damage on their vehicles and forget that they are hurt. The jolting and impact that happens during accidents will leave your body shaken. Pain might not be felt until a day or two later. Depending on the seriousness of the mishap, you should get a full body checkup and include the findings in your report for the purpose of seeking compensation.

Do not apologize or admit guilt. It appears courteous to accept liability and apologize to other drivers. This reflex reaction will land you into trouble. It will affect the level of compensation because you have declared guilt. In case you admit culpability, even the court will find it difficult to reverse that. Allow police to determine culpability. There are cases where it might be shared with other parties like the other driver or road contractors.

Wait before calling insurance. This sounds ironical because people are encouraged to call insurance companies in case of accidents. However, in the heat of things, you are likely to make a claim that is erroneous and end up losing your compensation. You need to have a thorough evaluation of the mishap before making a claim. It ensures that compensation is comprehensive.

Limit damage as much as possible. This should not be done with the aim of erasing the evidence. However, you will be compensated based on loses that were preventable. If the vehicle is exposed to fire, you should make it impossible to catch fire. Do not pick parts from the vehicle, how ever valuable they are. This amounts to tampering. Valuation will be a problem in such a case.

Every step taken relating to the accident must be documented. The court or insurance company uses these documents to determine the amount of compensation. No document should be signed without notifying your lawyer and insurance company. This is a sure way to lose your compensation.

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