Using The Services Of A Bail Bondsman La Habra

By Catherine Harris

The idea of sitting in jail for days or weeks may not appeal to you at all. In fact, right after you are arrested and booked into jail, you might want to do everything in your power to get back home as soon as possible. However, this can be difficult when you are strapped for cash and have very little in your bank account. When you hire a professional bail bondsman La Habra clients like you could secure the money needed to pay your bail so you can head home until it is time to appear before a judge or jury.

Signing up for these services is generally not as straightforward and simple as you might imagine them to be. In fact, it can be a lot like applying for a bank loan in many ways. For example, you may not be aware that you will be put through a rather rigorous credit check prior to you being fronted any cash. If your credit score is not high enough or downright dismal, the company you have called could turn you down for financing.

Instead, you may have to have a co-signer on the contract or put up some type of collateral for it. The co-signer likewise will be required to have good credit before he or she is allowed to add his or her name to the arrangement. This person will essentially secure the financing needed to secure your release.

In lieu of a co-signer, you also may be asked if you want to put up any collateral to secure the money. The collateral has to be something you own outright and has a relatively high amount of value to it. It could be a car, house, real estate, life insurance policy, boat, or something else of value. It cannot have a lien or a loan attached to it so that it can be sold off in case you do not make your payments.

Once you secure the financing, you then must sign the part of the contract that stipulates that you will show up to all of your scheduled court dates. These dates can include your arraignment as well as your trial or sentencing dates. Should you miss any of these dates, you will be said to have jumped bail. The bail company can then ask the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest.

If the court labels you as a high-risk offender, the judge may order you to be monitored while you remain out on bail. The company will fit you with a GPS monitor that will keep track of where you are at any given moment. Wearing this device may be non-negotiable.

It will go off anytime you attempt to go outside of the city's limits. Once it signals you are not where you should be, it lets the business know where you are. The bail company can then come after you and arrest you once again.

Using the services of a professional bail bondsman can be a good idea when you lack a lot of cash to put up for bail. However, this arrangement requires your full understanding and cooperation. Your signature must go onto a contract that will be legally binding and could have ramifications like jail time if you violate it.

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