A Close Look At Grand Haven Bail Bonds

By Barbara Harris

Every day, police cells get filled up with people arrested for all sorts of crimes, most of them minor. However, not all arrested individuals know they do not have to spend time in jail before being tried in court. With the service of a reliable bondsman, an arrestee can avoid incarceration and only have to show up for his court hearing. This article highlights the major things one should know about Grand Haven bail bonds.

In the simplest terms, a bond is a kind of surety that helps an arrested individual avoid spending time in jail before being taken to a court of law. It is basically a guarantee that the individual will show up in court on the stipulated trial date. In the event that a bailed out person fails to honor his pledge to attend trial, he forfeits his bond money.

It is important to note that not all crimes are bondable. Due to the gravity of capital crimes, an individual who is suspected of committing one may not be liable for bailing. The bond money that one pays is determined by the court under the direction of the appointed judge.

When paying bond money, one has got three options. It can either be paid outright in cash, as a surety or as a fraction of the total amount. In the first choice, one must settle the total amount in cash.

In the surety option, a bonding company settles the amount requested by the court on behalf of an arrestee. The company may charge its client a certain amount for this to happen. The last option involves paying a certain percentage, usually ten percent, of the entire requested amount.

It is always prudent to use a credible bonding company, regardless of your payment option. One crucial thing you should check when it comes to hiring is availability. This essentially means hiring a company that is accessible all week long and throughout the day and night.

Reputation is also a key factor to consider, with the best companies being those that have unimpeachable reviews from clients. Reviews can be easily found online. What you should be looking for is the general perception of your preferred firm among clients. Go for one that has more positive reviews than negative ones. Friends, family and colleagues may also be great sources of referrals.

The best firms out there are those that recruit from top law universities and colleges in the country. As such, do not shy away from asking about this aspect as you search. Good firms will not be afraid to make the credentials of their staff public.

Besides looking at academic credentials, it is important to scrutinize the overall success rate of the firm you want to hire. An individual can have all the top grades in the education system but perform dismally when it comes to actual work. What you should actually look for is a balance between the two. One should be academically qualified and have good experience at the same time.

These days, the internet has made accessibility pretty convenient. Most firms post their phone numbers online. Therefore, there is no need to flood your loved ones with calls for help in case you get arrested.

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