Learn How A Vacaville CA DUI Attorney Can Assist You

By Maria Wagner

Driving a vehicle while intoxicated is a severe criminal offence, which can lead to potential lifelong repercussions. These include jail time, a lasting criminal record, hefty fines, high insurance rates and license revocation. When facing DWI charges in Vacaville, California, you should enlist the services of a reputable Vacaville CA DUI attorney the soonest possible.

A DUI lawyer is able to dispute the evidence that has been brought against the defendant. This professional can help his or her clients to get the best possible outcome. The attorney can also answer the questions the clients may have about the case. DWI laws are complicated. Only DUI attorneys can make sure that the rights of a defendant are protected throughout the process of filing the case.

A lawyer can also explain the consequences of a DUI charge. A conviction for any crime can change your life permanently. It can even make it almost impossible for you to find a job. Your lawyer will assess your case and explain the potential fines you may pay or if you risk going to jail. Most lawyers offer a free consultation to enable defendants to weigh the benefits and costs of taking legal counsel.

DWI lawyers also make phone calls, fill in the needed forms and represent their clients at hearings. This enables the clients to concentrate on other matters in their lives. The defendants also avoid dealing with the prosecutor, which could be intimidating.

DWI lawyers also know a lot about the various types of field sobriety tests used by law enforcement officers like breathalyzers. They can tell how accurate a breathalyzer is. Most people are ignorant of the fact that breathalyzers require legal certification records and maintenance. Experienced attorneys are aware that such information is crucial. They know the place to acquire such information and use it for your benefit.

When you work with a DUI attorney, you can also minimize your penalties. If you caused an accident due to drunken driving and hurt somebody, you need an attorney to take on the complicated charges. Your penalties can be harsh if this is the second or third time you are committing a drunken driving offense. If you are found guilty, a lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to reduce your fines, penalties or jail time.

The other benefit of using the services of an attorney is trial experience. If you are represented by a lawyer at the trial, you will have a better chance of getting a favorable outcome. The professional is knowledgeable about drunken driving charges. He or she will therefore use the best evidence for your case. Your lawyer can also disprove the evidence that your prosecutor presents to help you win your case.

Lawyers also have access to expert witnesses. In a DWI case, an expert witness could be a forensic toxicologist, an accident reconstruction expert or a police officer. An expert witness can testify on your behalf and provide the jury or judge hearing your case with specific opinions about the medical, scientific or environmental facts or factors surrounding it. The aim of this testimony is weakening the case of the prosecution.

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