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By Jessica Cooper

Parties to a lawsuit usually have legal action taken against them or they may take action against other parties. When action is being taken against a party, the law requires that the party be notified officially. The process of notifying a party to lawsuit when action is being taken against them is called process serving and it is a very important step in the due process of law. When in need of Process Servers West Palm Beach should be visited.

It is illegal and a judge could drop charges if a company or person is charged without being given notice in a manner that is timely. The rules governing process service may be differ from state to state. As such, learning about these laws for familiarity is important. One whose work is to notify parties involved in a lawsuit is referred to as a process server.

Services of process were first performed by sheriffs, deputies or court agents when they first came into existence. This made it difficult to enforce law leading to change of the law. After the law was changed, any United States citizen above 18 years of age could legally serve papers. However, for one to be able to serve papers, they are not to be party to the lawsuit.

The individual serving the papers must also be a resident of the state in which the case will be heard. There is a lot of variation in the law that governs these workers in various states. For instance, some states require process servers to be licensed by the state. Some states require these workers to be registered with the county. In extreme cases, the workers are required to post a surety bond.

Delivery of legal documents to people who are listed on the document is one of the tasks performed by severs. The recipient of the document can be either a defendant or a plaintiff. After delivery of the document, a process called proof of service which involves notarizing the document is done. The client who applied for the notarized document is handed the document.

Some money must be paid for an individual to use the service of servers. Averagely one will be needed to pay around 35 to 100 dollars. This cost is usually different from one state to state. In cases where the server experiences a problem in document delivery, then the cost may go up. A higher payment is also expected in a case where the recipient has to be located first for the documents to be delivered.

Like all other workers, servers do not work during weekends or holidays. However, if one is willing to pay more, then some servers are willing to work even they are not supposed to. Servers usually provide a price quote first before they accept a job. This s meant to eliminate conflicts later.

The turn-around time of a server is something that a client should ask about before hiring one. If the case is an emergency or urgent, turn-around time becomes of great importance. Although faxing or mailing of the document can be done, some cases may not allow for the same.

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