What Fonts Should The Top Web Design Companies Use?

By Arthur Williams

Web design companies must take various elements into consideration when creating websites. Among the most important are fonts, which makes sense given the importance of text for SEO reasons and otherwise. What you may not know is that some fonts are better than others. It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring designer or a veteran that requires help. Here is some information that will benefit your projects in the long term.

One of the hallmarks of a good font, according to companies like Lounge Lizard, is readability. While your creative side may want to use a cursive or script-like typeface, the truth is that it cannot be easily read by everyone. The best web design companies understand the importance of keeping things simple. Such logic applies to fonts as well, but this is just one of many qualities that help this web design element stand out.

A font should be complementary to the rest of a site's cosmetic appeal. For instance, if your site is developed with white text over a light blue background, it's fair to expect this trend to carry over to other parts of the site. If one page shows black text, though, it can throw off the entire site. The more that a particular font complements the rest of the site, the more effective it will prove to be.

It's also worth noting that a font should be brand-friendly. If a company wouldn't use a certain typeface, it shouldn't even be in the conversation. Some fonts are iconic from a branding standpoint, the simplicity of Apple's being a prime example. There's more to selecting a font than what the human eye immediately picks up on. Anyone that works in business will tell you that brand consistency can be maintained with font choices as well.

For those that are curious about getting into web development, the importance of font selection cannot go overlooked. As a matter of fact, if you don't know what the perfect fonts entail, you may not be able to build sites with expected levels of quality. As you can see, there is substantial weight that goes into selecting typefaces. Once you're able to master this skill, though, it's relatively smooth sailing from there.

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