With A Drunk Driving Attorney Milwaukee Motorists Can Avoid Jail

By Daniel Parker

Law enforcement agencies make an astonishing number of arrests each year. It is distressing to learn that the biggest percentage of arrests is for DUI offences. Even worse, authorities agree that those being arrested are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DUI offences. Most offenders are never caught. Public warnings and massive educational campaigns seems to make no impression on motorists. With help from a drunk driving attorney Milwaukee offenders often get off very light indeed.

Many police offices find it distasteful to deal with DUI offenders. They are often unpredictable. Some resits arrest, others become threatening and yet others think that emotional appeals for mercy will do the trick. Others offer bribes or other favours. None of these tactics will work and violence on the part of the offender can only lead to additional charges. It is important to rather stay calm and to cooperate.

The importance of obtaining legal help after being arrested simply cannot be overemphasized. It is also vital to get a lawyer that specializes in cases of driving under the influence. Until the lawyer is physically present, the accused should exercise his right to remain silent and to refuse to make a formal statement. People under the influence are prone to making statements that will come back to haunt them.

Once he accepts a case, the lawyer will first make sure that all the correct procedures were followed during and after the arrest and that all the rights of the accused have been honoured. The next priority would be to arrange bail for the accused. In DUI cases this can often be achieved quickly and if the accused cannot pay the bail amount, the lawyer can help him to get a loan from a bail bondsman.

It is an unfortunate fact that the courts simply cannot cope with the workload. This is why there is a plea bargain system. The lawyer fort an accused will then approach the prosecutor and propose an agreement whereby the accused will plead guilty and accept a negotiated sentence. Unless the accused is adamant to get his day in court, this arrangement is beneficial to everyone concerned.

Law enforcement authorities lament the fact that so many people see DUI charges as unimportant and nothing but a nuisance. DUI offenders do not realize that they will have to live with a criminal record. If there were damage caused to property or if someone were injured, he may face serious civil claims that may prove to be financially disastrous.

One thing is certain and that is that nobody accused of committing a criminal offence should ever try to conduct their own defence. The legal system is simply too complicated and there are numerous pitfalls. It is easy to make disastrous mistakes that can have serious long term consequences. There is only one option, and that is to hire an experienced lawyer to manage the case.

People are killed and maimed by drunken drivers all the time. Drivers taking the steering wheel should realize that they have an enormous responsibility when using the public roads. After all, the overall wellness and safety of communities depend upon everyone obeying the rules and adhering to the laws.

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