Defending Yourself Against A CDL DUI

By Arthur McDonald

When charged with a drunk driving offense, you need to look for a competent lawyer to help defend you from the charges. This is because you do not want to be found guilty of the offense. After all, the consequences of a CDL DUI are far reaching. Therefore, you need to look for the best legal representation. If convicted, you may lose your job if you are a professional commercial driver.

A CDL allows the holder to not only drive commercial vehicles, but also personal vehicles. When found to be driving any type of vehicle while under the influence, the CDL will be suspended temporarily or permanently. Since the suspension can have far-reaching consequences on their career, hiring a competent DWI lawyer is highly recommended.

The ideal lawyer to hire to defend you is a DUI lawyer with a lot of experience in the industry. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you can expect to be effectively represented in court. After all, the lawyer has handled many similar types of cases in the past and has developed many defenses they can use to get you off the hook.

It is imperative you check the success rates of the lawyers you have shortlisted to ensure you find the most successful lawyers in the industry. This is crucial because you want to find the most successful lawyer. Fortunately, there are many lawyers with a high success rate when it comes to drunk driving cases, so you should not have a hard time finding the right one for your needs.

There are usually several serious penalties that come with DUI convictions. For instance, your driving record may be suspended permanently. If you decide to plead guilty to the charges, the conviction will go into your driving record. This will make it difficult for you to get affordable auto insurance. If you are seeking employment, your application may also not be given serious consideration.

If you are convicted of several DUI offenses, you can expect to face felony DUI charges when you are found driving while intoxicated in the future. This is an enhanced DUI charge that comes with a prison sentence and revocation of your drivers license. The fines you will be required to pay are also much higher. That is why you need to have a great lawyer by your side.

The fees charged by a lawyer is one of the key factors to consider looking for a suitable DUI lawyer. You want to hire a competent lawyer that charges the most competitive rates for their services. Therefore, you may want to obtain quotes from a number of lawyers and do a comparison of the rates they charge to identify the most affordable lawyer.

In addition to being extremely dangerous, driving while drunk has many other serious consequences. For instance, you will be putting yourself, your passengers and other road users in grave danger. In addition to that, you may cause an accident that may result in serious injuries and property damage. That is why drivers are often advised to never drive while drunk.

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