Why Writers Should Know About The Counter Insurgency History

By Christopher Sanders

Businessmen are powerful and influential. They generate money for the public. Their performance and competitiveness affect the economy. They got influenced. They interact with people more than politicians too. These should be good reasons enough why they need to concern themselves with the counter insurgency history. Running a business is like engaging in a war. You would be managing people. If businessmen keep on treating their people as a pebble on the side of the street, they would never reach their objectives and goals. They would fail.

Insurgency happens for various of reasons. This might happen due to the shrinking economic productivity of the country. It might have sprung due to unaddressed societal problems that exist in various states. These things highly matter, particularly, to a particular group of people.

They are calling for an attention because they have a problem. Counterinsurgency is created not only to find and capture those people who head the rebellion. They are created to help the authority figure out their weaknesses and to accept their mistakes. The countermeasures are designed to help those people in needs solve their problems.

Having a huge background in this topic would matter a lot, particularly, to business and fictional writer. Writers are pretty special. They could create their own world and their own universe. They are like a mortal god to fictional characters. They are like a teacher to readers. The thing is before they become someone as great as that, they need to have an immense experienced in the field.

Regardless of their rank, knowing the past would greatly teach political leaders on how to be great in their field. Despite the different setup, most of the problems politicians carried right now already happen in the past. It is valuable that they learned something from the previous leaders and from the previous generations.

It was made to help everyone wake up from the truth. These countermeasures were created to stop people from revolting. Of course, the easiest way to eliminate the problem is by keeping the cause of the issues from happening again. However, since the issue already occurs, the authority has no choice but to listen to the rebels.

They have to learn from them while finding sustainable solutions. If they could address the main issue, there is a great chance that they would be able to encourage members from stopping the rebellion. That also goes to their leaders too. There are countless events in histories that tackle this subject. Businessmen should try to read the history books.

To create a complicated storyline, they need to pay attention to the feelings and emotions of every character. Writers and authors should learn to interact with their readers. They could only do that if they allow their readers to learn along the way. Reading a book is like going on a journey.

Regardless how impossible the plot could be, the way the characters interact with each other should be realistic. They should act as human as possible. Aside from these professionals, regular people should read history too. For sure, they can use this knowledge on various occasions and situations. Everyone should care. As someone who lives in this country, you have to be wary of those kinds of events.

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