With Bail Bonds Wake County Accused Can Go Free

By Mark Butler

Most people are not aware of just how many arrests are made each year. Only a fraction of cases are covered by the media. The vast majority of people that are arrested are ordinary people that took chances. They drive after drinking, the cheat on their tax returns and they take chances with dodgy investments. Whatever the reason, an arrest is a traumatic experience. Luckily, in many cases, by applying for bail bonds Wake County residents can get released from custody.

There are strict rules to be followed when an arrest is planned or made. Once a person is arrested, a sequence of events has to follow and the consequences can be very severe for the accused. It is of vital importance to realize just how serious the situation is and to appoint an experienced and qualified attorney straight away. Until he accepts the case, the accused should refrain from making statements.

If the court can be convinced that an arrested accused pose no threat to himself or others, that he will not meddle in the case against him and that he will not try to flee from justice, then he can be released until his trial is scheduled. In most cases the lawyer can arrange this very quickly. The idea is that the accused must be allowed to continue with his life.

In the majority of cases the court will require the accused to pay an amount that will serve as surety. This amount will be refundable after the case is finalized but it has to be posted prior to a release. The amount to be posted differs from case to case. In certain high risk cases the amount may be extremely high. The court is not obliged to agree to a release.

Bondsmen are financiers that provide instant loans to arrested individuals that need to post bail. The application and approval process is normally very quick. The client pays for these services, however. Bondsmen charges up to fifteen percent of the loan amount as a service fee. This is not refundable. The client will also have to sign a contract and secure the loan with some of his assets.

It is unfortunate that so many people sign agreements without properly studying the terms and conditions. In most cases this is due to the fact that the accused is still stressed from the arrest and just eager to get back home. In most cases it is a better idea to ask the appointed attorney to handle negotiations with the bondsman. He can make sure that his client is treated fairly.

No one released from custody should even contemplate breaking the conditions of release. The consequences can be ghastly. The amount paid for initial release will be lost but the loan will still have to be paid back to the bondsman. This can have very serious financial ramifications. There may be additional charges too and the court may not kindly consider a release once again.

An arrest is a very serious matter and anyone finding himself on the wrong side of the law should het legal help without delay. The legal system is complicated and anyone trying to represent himself will quickly encounter numerous pitfalls that can prove to be disastrous. The only option is to hire help.

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