Seeking The Expertise Of A Vocational Expert

By Melissa McDonald

For the majority of its existence, human beings were nomadic hunter gatherers. This means that they moved from place to place, searching for food and other resources. This also means that they had no concept of money. Of course, humanity eventually settled down into agricultural settlements and while they still had no concept of money, they did begin to formulate the concept of personal ownership. So, when exchanging goods and services, they did so under a barter system. But society evolved as it is wont to do, and then humans came up with money in order to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. It used to be that money was backed by gold, hence the term gold standard. Over time, society evolved and money stopped being representative of a resource and became a resource unto itself, possibly the most important considering how deeply woven it is into the fabric of modern society. The pursuit of money is the reason that people go to work, other than professional fulfillment. But, sometimes a person may be prevented from working, and they may often be subject to the testimony of a vocational Utah witness.

The world can be a cruel, unfair place. Bad things can happen to good people. When these bad things happen, a person may be left with scars. Sometimes these scars are physical, and may halt a person from being able to execute tasks which were once second nature to them. Other times, they can be mental, but no less detrimental, because mental triggers can be a serious impairment when trying to do, well, anything.

A vocational witness is an expert in vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation is a field of study in which people with an impairment of some sort can be given a hand in finding work. There are many techniques used in the trade.

In a disability hearing, this means that they will give their testimony to the judge. What they will do is that they will calculate the wages lost by a claimant as resulting from their disability. The witness will also be able to detail the kinds of jobs that a claimant may be suited for.

In family law, they will testify as to how employable one spouse is. Their testimony may or may not have bearing on how much alimony is set. Divorces can be messy, especially if money is involved.

A court strives to be fair. But people are subjective creatures. In order to be as fair and objective as possible, a judge will ask for numbers.

There are two types of people who can call themselves vocational witnesses. Consultants, who do not testify, and experts, who do. To fully qualify as the latter, one must have a degree in psychology or counseling, and not just an undergrad degree, but a graduate one.

Finding one can be easy as pie. Like any other type of expert, many will often advertise their services on the internet. So, a simple online search using a smart phone will yield a few dozen results. Given the sheer volume available, the hard part will be choosing the right one.

People need work to get money. But the world may not be fair. There are people who try to make it so.

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