How To Find A Great MS Excel Programmer San Jose

By Dennis Clark

Finding the right talent to handle a technology project is a process that involves a myriad of steps. In the end, the best candidate is one who can provide a simple and effective way of solving problems albeit without compromising the quality of the output. If you are looking for someone to automate your accounting structure, you should opt for an MS Excel programmer San Jose.

Unlike traditional tech projects that involve coding stand alone programs and websites, the kind of programming in MS Excel is pretty simplistic. It primarily revolves around the use of small sections of visual basic code and macros to achieve automation. A programmer does not necessarily have to learn more challenging programming languages like assembly, C and Java.

Nevertheless, the kind of programmer you hire should be one who has a wealth of knowledge in programming the frontend and backend of systems. This means having a solid grasp of relational database systems, macros, visual basic programming and interface design. Having said that, below are the steps you should follow if you want to get someone you can fully count on for the work at hand.

The first stage in any hiring process is the formulation of a recruitment plan. There are two options here. One may hire someone on a fulltime basis or opt to go with a freelancer. If many of your day to day business operations are riding on the success of the project, it would be judicial to bring someone on board fulltime. A fulltime employee can offer tech support as and when needed as opposed to a freelancer.

After this, candidates ought to be shortlisted. In this stage, you should only ensure you shortlist those who possess the experience and skills that are in sync with the job requirements. When looking for programming talent, it is bad practice to generalize the nature of the job. A job description ought to clearly spell out duties and the requirements expected of candidates.

After drafting the shortlist, schedule a series of interviews. You want various rounds so as to be able to gauge all the psychomotor skills that the candidates posses. What you should be looking for is a match between practical and social skills. As most programming work involves teamwork, you want someone who is as good a team player as he is in doing practical work.

Academic achievement is never of much importance in the programming world. Many opine that high academic achievement is not a direct indicator of excellence in actual work. The one thing you should center on in skill. Ask if the candidate has handled similar projects before. Also ensure the interview phase has a slot for practical demonstration.

Skill is the sole factor that sets one apart in technology. Good practical tests are the scenario based ones. When you identify someone you believe in, hire him before he gets snapped by someone else.

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