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By Elizabeth Nelson

Dogs are termed as the best friend to man. This follows the fact that people have been domesticating these animals for thousands of years. The animals offer human beings a lot of services, ranging from provision of security and company to acting as therapy dogs. In turn, people provide shelter, food, training, medication, and other necessities. However, dogs are not all about good service. They also come with responsibilities and liabilities. When in need of Dog Bite Attorney San Diego should be visited.

Anyone who keeps dogs or controls them can be held liable for any damage to property that they animal causes. They can also be held liable for any personal injury that the canine causes to third parties. A keeper or a canine is defined as the person that harbors, shelters, or protects the animal. The keeper may be the owner or not.

Owners are still required to take liability even if at the time of the incident, the canine was under the care of someone else. In most jurisdictions, liability only rests on the owner if they were negligent. Being negligent means that one did not provide reasonable care to keep the animal under control. If the plaintiff cannot prove negligence on the side of the defendant, then they have no basis for compensation.

In the case of being bitten by a dog, one is supposed to seek medical attention before anything else. This is due to the fact that animal bites are very dangerous if they are not treated properly and on time. Infection to the bite may result in lameness, severe wounds or even death. This occurs if the animal had some sort of illness.

After one has been treated and it has been determined that they will be able to recover full health, it is time to start seeking legal counsel. A lawyer should be able to provide advice regarding the situation. The advice will pertain to whether or not one has a legal basis to receive compensation. From there, arrangements can start to be made to file a lawsuit and pursue the case further.

Lawyers want to understand how the incident went down before they file lawsuits. The client will be asked to provide the lawyer with the contact information and name of the canine owner. Names and contact of witnesses are also needed. The lawyer then starts to contact the witnesses and build a case.

Such cases may proceed to trial if the defendant decides to fight the charges in a court of law. However, in most cases, such cases will be solved amicably out of court. That means that the lawyer comes up with a sum of money that the plaintiff should be paid and if the defendant agrees, then the payment is made. This closes the matter.

The defendant may also need to pay legal fee for the services provided by the attorney. Most defendants will also have their own legal counsels present when such deals are being made. This is to ensure that the defendant is not exploited in the transaction.

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