Dog Bite Attorney San Diego; Understanding The Right Steps To Take Following A Dog Bite

By William Morris

Dog bites typically fall under liability laws. This means that as a victim, it is not necessary for you to prove negligence for a successful claim to be filed. Even if a pet parent has taken a canine to obedience school, he or she would still be held liable in case of a biting incident. Even so, strict liability only applies when a victim is bitten within a public area, or is lawfully accessing a private property. If you need to find a dog bite attorney San Diego could offer you a decent number of top rated experts.

You should get acquainted with the type of incidences that revolve around lawful access to a property. If your pizza company receives a call for instance, and you are instructed to deliver pies to a specific address, then you will be lawfully within a particular property. Any damages you suffer when not trespassing give you the full rights to file a claim.

The first step to take following an incident is to call for help. This remains the most logical thing to do and it could save the situation from getting life threatening. From this point, call 911 and report the incident and then call for emergency medical help. Be sure to provide information regarding the pooch that bit you and provide appropriate descriptions. You also want to mention where the accident took place and give the name of the canine owner.

You must not overlook the importance of gathering all the needed information. If the injuries you suffer are not life threatening, you could stick around the site and get the name of the pooch owner, his or her phone number and address. From this point, you can proceed to seek medical attention.

In most states, canines that bite people are quarantined for at least two weeks by animal control experts. During this time, they are tested for rabies and other equally dangerous conditions. The information you gather will be of use to the animal control officers and will also be required as you file for personal injury.

If you get bitten within a rental property, you will need to notify not only the dog owner, but also the landlord. In case the courts rule that the landlord was well aware about the vicious tendencies of a canine, then he or she would also be held liable. You need to consult with a lawyer for you to know the best way forward.

The first thing your attorney will do is to gather evidence. This needs to be done immediately before evidence that can support your case is destroyed or changed. A lawyer with the right levels of expertise will explore all avenues for liability and work on getting you the right compensation.

A seasoned attorney can sue on grounds that the leash laws were violated. He or she can also go by the claims that a pet parent, a landlord or both were negligent. When a case is handled properly a victim can get compensated for both economic and noneconomic damages.

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