How A Vacaville CA DUI Attorney Can Help His Clients Avoid Jail Time

By Patrick Gibson

Driving while under the influence remains one of the biggest headaches for law enforcement agencies everywhere. In fact, the majority of arrests are related to this offence. It is true that alcohol is the most common cause for being arrested for driving under the influence, but many people do not realize that they can also get into trouble when driving after taking certain types of medication. When on the wrong side of the law, it is important to get help from a Vacaville CA DUI attorney.

Most police officers will admit that they find this type of arrest difficult. The majority of people arrested for driving under the influence are normally upstanding citizens with clean criminal records. Matters become even worse if the offender becomes aggressive or argumentative, making it necessary to restrain the accused. Many officers also have to deal with emotional outbursts, outrageous lies and even attempted bribing.

Every person arrested for a criminal offence has unalienable rights that are enshrined in the constitution. The arresting officer has a duty to inform the suspect of his rights. One such right is the right to remain silent and to refrain from making a statement. Those arrested are often in emotional turmoil and may say something that will turn out to be to their own detriment. It is better to wait until a lawyer is present.

The first priority of any experienced lawyer will be to make very sure that each and every prescribed procedure has been followed before, during and after the arrest. In mistakes in these processes can lead to the immediate dismissal of charges. If everything was in order, the lawyer will next apply for bail. As soon as the accused has posted the required bail amount, he will be set free.

The sheer volume of cases waiting for court dates often allow lawyers to negotiate with the prosecutor. In many cases, the accused will not have to appear in court but in exchange he will have to plead guilty and he will have to accept a negotiated sentence. This system allows the courts to close cases that would otherwise clog the entire system.

An alarming number of people view an arrest for driving whilst drunk as a minor offence. No criminal charge should ever be seen in this light. A criminal record can have far reaching consequences for the marriages, careers and social standing of those convicted. The accused may also lose his license to drive and may be sentenced to a hefty penalty.

The importance of getting legal representation after an arrest simply cannot be overemphasized. No one should ever handle their own defence. It is very easy to make serious mistakes that will cost the accused dearly over the long term. The best course of action is to get a lawyer that specialize in this type of case. The cost of their services is certainly cheaper than the cost of a disastrous mistake.

Driving whilst under the influence is a serious offence. Such drivers often make serious errors of judgement and cause themselves and other people great harm and injury. Surely no sane person wants to live with the knowledge that he has caused the death or suffering of a fellow human being.

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