Leading San Diego Harassment Lawyer Shares Guidelines On How To Report A Workplace Incident

By Ryan Cole

Harassment is a broad topic and it is characterized by any unwelcome verbal, physical or visual conduct of one person inflicted upon another individual. Irrespective of whether it is a one-time thing, repeated behavior or intentional act, you have all the rights to take action and report the matter. After all, harassment of any kind is considered as a civil or criminal offense. If you have a concern, a top rated San Diego harassment lawyer could help you ensure that justice is served.

An ideal attorney will use the state or the federal guidelines to assert your rights or defend them. Whether the issue you are dealing with is a personal or a professional one, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure that your harasser is stopped. The following guidelines will leave you with an idea of how workplace issues should be handled.

The first thing that you should do is to document precisely what happened. You want to write down what transpired between you and the harasser. Ensure that the information given is truthful and detailed. Also bother to mention anyone who was present as the events took place.

From this point, you should review the policies of your company. Check out the employee handbook and find out what your company deems as the right reporting process of a case of harassment. In case the stipulated procedures are not clear, then you should proceed to ask the supervisor or human resource manager about the right course of action.

The next step to take is to file a complaint. It will be necessary for you to again put things in writing for you to have proof that can support a case should you decide to go to court. Make sure that you submit the case to the right authorities and also provide evidence and examples of how your harasser conducted him or herself.

After filing your case, you must also bother to do follow ups. This will be a vital thing to do, more so if nothing seems to happen yet more than a few days have gone by. You have a right to know how the investigations are faring and how the issue will eventually be dealt with. In case your boss gives you an update, see to it that the conversations you have are documented.

Unfortunately, it is not alien for employers to retaliate against a victim of harassment. If you speak out about your concerns and nothing happens or you are kicked out of your job, then you should at this point find yourself reliable legal representation. The lawyer you hire would stand in your corner and inform you of the best way forward.

Your boss has a legal duty to offer all workers a conducive and safe workplace. This would also include promptly and effectively dealing with issues of harassment or discrimination. If you are dissatisfied with how an issue is handled, then your best chances of ensuring that justice is served is by finding a reliable attorney to stand in your corner.

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