Tips With Jewish Christian Interfaith Wedding

By Michael Lewis

There is a growing need for this type of ceremony which many find themselves requiring when one partner in a marriage is of the Jewish faith and has his or her mind set on this. Jewish christian interfaith wedding have been officiated by Rabbis for many years when wanting to have a ceremony with this kind of setting. It is no wonder that Rabbis who specialise in this field have become more and more in the need.

Sometimes a Jew in a partnership will opt to have a Christian wedding and ceremony and this will mean having it in a Church. The problems is that many couples have guests that may take offence and if this is so, it is probably preferable to have it done in court. It can be a challenging time in deciding what is best and it is with this in mind, that one partner will consent to having it in a Synagogue.

Some will even go the extra mile of converting to Judaism. This is a difficult process and one that is not easily achieved but is a route worth considering especially should the couple be thinking about bringing children into this world. Judaism does not look for converts and it is with this in mind that it must be something, a yearning that someone has to do.

But if a couple just wants to have a Jewish feel to the wedding then this is easily accomplished today by consulting with an interfaith Rabbi. There is much to celebrate and a few of the customs of a wedding can be done such as breaking of the glass after vows have been taken. The breaking of a glass is done by the groom and this commemorates the destruction of both temples a long time ago.

It all depends to what degree of kashrut the couple would like to have. Kashrut is the term used for those laws that govern dietary laws and this can also be discussed with the Rabbi. This is just one area that must be adhered to in order to become a Jew. Dietary laws are strict, from slaughtering an animal to its consumption.

Others such as shark for instance are not kosher and may not be eaten. Also seafoods such as crabs, lobster and prawns are also a no no and should not be served at all. Some guests may be offended if these are served so it is best to cater for all. It is an aveirah to eat something that is not allowed.

There are many other considerations to consider if one is thinking about converting to any faith. There are many festivals and customs that must be adhered to in order to be considered either a Jew or Christian. Many today are more liberal and will celebrate both religions festivals and incorporate them into their yearly regimen.

It is however a beautiful religion and enjoyed by all those who practice it. This may be an option. If not, it is quite customary today to have a wedding with a Jewish feel.

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