DWI Attorney New City NY Explains Possible Fallout Of Drunk Driving

By Donna Sanders

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is a serious offense that often has a lasting effect. Those accused of drunk driving need to know that this violation carries harsh criminal penalties and you may even face expensive lawsuits in case your actions cause property damage or personal injury. During research for the best DWI attorney New City NY is a good place to begin your hunt.

If you hold a New York City drivers license, it is crucial for you to be well acquainted with the possible fallout of being accused of a DWI. In this case, you will be accused of a criminal offense an your license will be suspended automatically for around six months if you are convicted. Based on the circumstances revolving around your case, you may face a one year jail time sentence and be forced to pay a fine not exceeding $2,500.

If you are convicted of a second violation within a span of 10 years, you will be accused of a class E felony. This means they your license will be automatically revoked for a year and you risk spending four years in jail and paying a fine that does not exceed $5,000. Any surcharges can drastically increase the amount of money you have to pay in fines.

If you take a sobriety test and it is established that your blood has alcohol levels that exceed 0.18, you would be accused of an aggravated DWI. This is a violation that attracts a 1000-$2,500 fine and at least one year jail time. In addition, you will be suspended from getting behind the wheel for not less than a year.

A DUI out of state will also not leave you out of the loop. If you are convicted in another state for drunk driving, your New York drivers license will be suspended for 90 days or more. The state of New York cancels the licenses of convicted drivers who are under 21 years of age for a minimum of one year.

How your matter will end may depend highly on how it unfolds right from the beginning. As a motorist with a New York issued drivers license, you owe yourself the favor of knowing the rights you are allowed to exercise once you are pulled over during a traffic stop. The most important thing you should do is to pull over once you see the headlights of the police behind you. The last thing you want is to also be charged with evading arrest.

It remains imperative to remain firm but cooperative and courteous when the officer asks any question. Avoid answering trick questions that are likely to incriminate you. Simply tell the officer that you decline to answer and remain firm in your refusal to give answers for any questions. It goes without saying that you must also not consent to a search even if you have nothing to hide.

It pays not to take a roadside sobriety test or a breathalyzer. Refusing to take the test means that the officer may have to arrest you, though you can at this point call your DWI attorney. A reliable professional will handle the matter from this point and ensure that the best outcome is achieved.

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