Top Rated Child Custody Lawyer Fall River Outlines How To Alter Custody Arrangements

By Lisa Carter

If the original child custody arrangements no longer work for you, you can more to court to get them modified. Before a court approval can be issued, you must file a relocate parental rights and responsibilities petition and there are more than a few forms you should use. It pays to hire a competent attorney who can guide you through the delicate process that lies ahead. During research for a reliable child custody lawyer Fall River can offer you a decent number of top rated specialists.

The first and most important step is to hold discussions with the other parent. You need to talk about the modifications you need to make on the agreement. Some of the legal reasons for changing the court order include the kids age or safety, a changing family situation or a parent relocating. Once you agree on the changes that ought to be made, you should get a Form 17 or Form 18.

You should file a petition to formally get started on your case. If you were never married to your ex, the juvenile court is where you should file your modification motion as well as your affidavits. Make certain that the number you use is the same one used when the court first gave directives about your custody responsibilities and rights.

If you and your ex went through the divorce process, you should file these documents with the domestic relations court. Ensure that you use the same number that was used during the divorce proceedings. It remains imperative to understand that your petition may be denied if any errors are present in your forms.

Depending on whether you got divorced or were never married to your ex, the courts will need to receive a DR Form 19 or the Juvi Form 1 before your case can be heard and finalized. You can get online and find these forms and either complete them online or print them out. The unfortunate part is that you will not get the much needed instructions or legal guidance online.

Before you surrender your forms to the court, it will be in your best interests to first consult with a seasoned family attorney. The expert will ensure that your paperwork is in order and this will increase your chances of the case being closed sooner than later. Because matters that touch on kids are taken seriously by the family courts, they must always be handled with professionalism and care.

A reliable attorney can handle the necessary paperwork on your behalf. He or she can also dispense invaluable guidance on how to present your issue in court and satisfactorily answer questions asked by the judge or the opposing counsel. You will need to attend a hearing before any changes can be made on the original child custody arrangement order.

During the hearing, the changes you propose may or may not necessarily be what your ex wants. After you present your argument, your ex will also present his or her argument. You owe yourself the favor of being able to show adequate justification for custody modifications. Your attorney will see to it that you have a reasonable winning chance.

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