Naturalization, How To Become A U. S. Citizen

By Jose Young

Naturalization is the process that needs to be done in order for an immigrant to become a U. S. Citizen. Not everyone can be a citizen of the states. Immigrants who are eligible for this are those who hold a green card holder for 3 to 5 years or has meet the necessary military service requirements. Keep on reading to know the process of naturalization Tucson.

American citizens has many advantages, but this also means taking in a new set of responsibilities. If you are dealing with such problems and is currently having a hard time since you have no idea how to do this, welcome to the club. This guide will help you in understanding how to do this and knowing the requirements.

For those who do not have the form yet, you can just download it from websites. As mentioned above, you must be cautious when inputting the details on the N400 to avoid mistakes. To help you with that, here are tips that will help you when filling.

A green card holder and has no special circumstances. You may apply five years after you obtained the card. You must also have physically lived in the States for thirty months at least in those five years. Married to a citizen for three years or more and has lived physically with the spouse for the entire time. Apply three years after obtaining the card.

Part 2, your eligibility. Many will check A which states that you are a permanent resident for at least five years. Asylees and refuges are allowed to credit a year or more of their asylee and refugee status for the residency. For B or C, this indicates being qualified for exceptions, letting you apply early. You just have to attach a proof of your claim.

Part 3. If you forgot the date when you became a resident, you can simply find it on the green card. Both your birth country and nationality must be the same. That can only be change in cases wherein you give up your birth country citizenship to become a resident of another.

Aside from the requirements mentioned above, there are still requirements that you need to meet. You have to be at least 18 years of age. Have not taken any kind of trips for the last six months or more outside the states during your waiting period. A resident who plans to apply for citizenship for three months at least.

Has good moral character. That means, you met the standards for an average citizen within the community. Specifically not being involved to crimes like murder, lying to the government just to gain immigration benefits and during the interview, and illegal gambling. Even though you would pass the test, it would still be decided by the government base on case to case.

Carefully read the instructions. Not reading the instructions carefully can lead to mistakes, and you do not want that. Review. Before you submit the paper to them, review first to make sure that everything has correct information, you would not want your naturalization process to be delayed just because of one mistake.

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