With A DWI Criminal Attorney Outer Banks NC Accused Are Inexperienced Hands

By Harold Harris

Much effort and a lot of money has been spend on making people aware of just how dangerous it is to drive while under the influence. It does not seem as if these efforts have much success because thousands of people are still arrested for this offence each year. Many of those arrested are ordinary upstanding citizens. They nevertheless committed a crime, but with help from a DWI criminal attorney Outer Banks NC clients can often limit the ramifications.

Experienced law enforcement officers are used to dealing with drunken drivers and their ploys to be shown leniency. Many offenders offer bribes or special favors, others threaten the officers and a fair number even resist the arrest. In such cases matters can become unpleasant from all concerned. Tears and emotional outbursts will also not soften the hearts of arresting officers.

Everyone arrested for committing a crime has certain inalienable rights. One of those rights is the right to refuse to make a statement or to answer questions until a lawyer has been appointed. Legal experts agree that it is best to exercise this right. Most people are stressed and not thinking clearly after an arrest. They easily say things that will later be used against them in court. It is a priority to immediately appoint a lawyer.

Once a lawyer is appointed, he will review the facts of the case and he will make sure that all the rights of his client were honored. Where procedural errors were made, he can apply to have the charges dropped. If all rules were followed, the lawyer will next apply for bail in order to get his client released from custody. Once the bail amount is posted, the accused will be allowed to go free.

If the accused admits his guilt, his lawyer can often negotiate a deal with the prosecutor. The courts have to deal with massive backlogs and if the accused is not a repeat offender and he agrees to plead guilty, then a lesser sentence will be imposed. The accused will not even have to appear in court. Such cases can be finalized very quickly, keeping the cost of legal representation to a minimum.

Once a court returns a verdict of guilty the accused will have to live with the fact that he has a criminal record. The consequences can be very severe. It can destroy careers and prospects and the accused may even lose his license to drive. He may have to pay a substantial fine and he may have to enter into a loan agreement with a bondsman to raise the money needed to post bail. It is simply not worth it.

It is vital to get good legal representation when arrested for driving under the influence. It is never a good idea to defend oneself. It is just too easy to make errors that will prove to be detrimental. The fact that there are thousands of lawyers specializing in nothing but DUI cases is perhaps an indication of just how many people there are that ignore the laws in this regard.

Drunken drivers have killed people and caused extensive damage to properties. If they are in an accident that was not even caused by them they will still be liable because they were intoxicated. One just hopes that people will think twice before endangering themselves and others when they drink.

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