One Can Get Free Legal Advise In Marion IL From Various Sources

By Amy Roberts

Modern life is complicated and the law system governing the everyday lives of all people are extremely complicated. Many people experience problems that should really be handled by an attorney. Yet only a few people can afford the exorbitant fees charged by lawyers. As a result, numerous people suffer injustice. Society does not seem to care about the plight of those so desperately in need of help. But there are ways in which to get free legal advise in Marion IL.

The poor, the disadvantaged and those most vulnerable to abuse are all too often unable to obtain justice in any form. They do not have access to the legal system and they cannot afford professional representation. They do have problems, however. They are dismissed unfairly, they are abused and they have disputes with their landlords, for example. Sadly, they often suffer injustice because they cannot fight back.

All citizens have certain unalienable rights. One of those rights is the right to an attorney when accused of committing a criminal offence. This right does not apply to civil matters, only when the state prosecutes an individual. Lawyers for those that cannot afford to pay for one are appointed by the state. Unfortunately, most of them have extremely heavy case loads and they cannot spend their full attention on just one case.

People living in university towns and cities should find out whether the law faculty of the university close to them offer free advice clinics. Many of them do so in order to give senior law students the opportunity to interact with people experiencing problems. These clinics are normally supervised by highly experienced law experts and the advice one can get is often both valid and valuable.

Big law firms are often under pressure to implement social responsibility programs and many of them actually do offer free representation as part of such programs. In some cases, lawyers undertake to do a certain amount of hours pro bono work every year. Unfortunately it is not always easy to gain access to such a program. A social worker may be able to give valuable advice in this regard.

There are many instances where lawyers will take on cases on a commission basis. Personal injury cases and many class action cases do not involve any payment from the complainant if a satisfactory result is not obtained from the court. In such cases lawyers will take up to 50 per cent of the money awarded to their clients. There have been cases with millions of dollars awarded to claimants.

It is even possible to get very valuable advice from people that are not qualified lawyers. Policemen, for example, can provide valuable information on how to deal with a wide variety of problems related to the law. They may even be able to point someone to a professional that can handle the matter. In some cases the police can open a case and investigate the matter.

It is sad that the legal system has become so complex that even reasonably intelligent people need professional advice on the laws directed impacting upon their lives. The vast majority of people simply cannot afford the services of a lawyer. In the process, they often suffer losses or they fall foul of the legal system.

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