What A Divorce Lawyer In Lowell MA Can Do For Divorcing Couples

By Kathleen Powell

Families used to be the cornerstones of healthy societies. Unfortunately, marriages do not last any longer. Divorced people are no longer shunned by society as they used to be. The rate at which couples get divorced has rocketed sky high and the courts are struggling to cope with their case loads. In the process, lawyers that specialize in divorces are making a fortune. When hiring a divorce lawyer in Lowell MA divorcing couples must prepare themselves for hefty bills.

All too often couples get married because they are in love with each other. They never discuss the practicalities of marriage and they never even think about the fact that they will also enter into a legal agreement when they get married. To set that legal agreement aside if they decide to get divorced will not be easy. They will have to negotiate an agreement on many issues, including their finances and the disposal of their joint assets.

It is an unfortunate fact that many couples approach their divorces with feelings of revenge and hatred. They refuse to compromise and the partners do not communicated with each other. Instead, each partner employs an attorney to negotiate on their behalf. These contested cases can become protracted and require several court appearances. These appearances are open to the public and the cost can easily become quite prohibitive.

Reasonable couples that want to save time and money and that are willing to communicate and compromise can reach a separation agreement on their own. They need only one attorney to make sure that all the rules are followed and to draw up the final separation agreement that will eventually be presented to court. Uncontested cases are private and they involve much less emotional strain.

In uncontested cases where both partners are able to reach an agreement without outside help it is not even necessary to hire an attorney. It is also possible to rather engage a counselor that is trained and licensed to handle divorces. Apart from the fact that their services cost only a fraction of what an attorney would charge, they are perfectly capable of drawing up all the necessary documentation for presentation to the court.

If a marriage produced children, then divorces often becomes ugly. Parents use their children against each other and make them think that they have to make a choice between their parents. Children in this position are often traumatized and they may develop psychological problems as a result. The well being and safety of children should always be the highest priority and they should never be involved in the matter at all.

Society as a whole would certainly benefit if fewer couples get divorced but sometimes it is best to escape from a nightmarish union. Many people abuse their children and their spouses emotionally, physically and sexually. Others get addicted to drugs and alcohol and refuse to admit that they have a problem and that they need help. Such marriages can become dangerous for the victims.

Making it more difficult to become divorced, as some advocate, will not prove to be a solution. The very fabric of society has changed and divorces are now a fact of life. Sadly, they almost always leave scars and emotional pain. Some people never get over the trauma.

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