The Halal Dating Scene For Muslims

By Jerry Taylor

While Islam does not forbid two people with falling in love with one another, there are a few restrictions and conditions that come with the union of two people. With religious restrictions, it is actually very hard for a Muslim man or woman to look for love in a rather liberal society that people live in. That is why there is an activity that is known as halal dating for the young people.

This term is actually a rather new term but the concept is actually very simple. Its concept is pretty much the same is that of Tinder or Bumble but with more inclination to the religious aspect of relationships in regard to Islamic beliefs. The whole goal of this type of activity is to bring people who can potentially marry each other and not just hook up for a night or go on short term dates.

Take note that the website would usually incorporate certain Islamic beliefs when it comes to dating so expect to see certain options that still observe Muslim restrictions. For example, premarital sex is forbidden in Islam, so this website would connect those who are not after sexual activities unlike with most dating sites. It is a way to connect people who have the same belief system.

Muslim Americans in particular would definitely love this kind of scene because it will help them connect with people they have in common with. With Western Culture predominant in American societies, there are pressures even for Muslims to give in to those cultures and try something that their religion is against. So the easiest way is simply to find another Muslim.

That is why this activity makes it very easy for those with Islamic beliefs to get together because it eliminates effort in finding an Islamic partner. It also gives the liberty for each individual to choose his or her girlfriend not only based on religious beliefs but also on preference. It is a great way to meet new people as well.

Now, one might be a bit curious to how this type of scene differs from the usual speed date website. Well, they are pretty much the same in process. One will create an account, fill up a profile, and indicate some of the things that he or she is looking for in a potential partner.

From there, the two people will be able to communicate through chat, exchange details, and meet up. The only difference is that the focus will not be so much on the sexual aspect of dates but more on the emotional aspect with regard to religious beliefs. Also, these websites would usually have cool events to further spice things up a bit.

For the Muslims who are studying or working in liberal societies, this type of platform can be extremely helpful. The liberal belief system of most Western cultures would put pressure on Muslims to condone since it is the norm. However, these platforms can be a real help in getting the average Muslim to still enjoy a relationship but without the external pressures.

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